Ice Cold Takes discusses last weeks sports headlines over beers, lots of beers. We are drinking buddies from south Louisiana who's love for sports is rivaled only by our love for beer. We talk everything sports from NFL and NBA to college athletics and tailgating, all while adding in pop culture and drunk anecdotes. Come have a beer with us and join in on our Ice Cold Takes.


  • Episode 21: Day Drinking and Dodging Rain

    Episode 21: "Day Drinking and Dodging Rain"

    13/06/2017 Duração: 50min

    In the episode, we're doing a little tailgating and day drinking for Game 2 of the Baton Rouge Super Regional. Tood bad we didn't check the weather before setting up. We discuss the on going saga that is the NBA Finals that continues to drag on like a bad SNL skit. We talk about the NBA's new "Mr. Steal Yo Girl" who just happens to be a coach. We HAD to talk about the Ryan brother's bar fight in Nashville, and discuss what reality show they'd be the best on. Finally we talk a little nerd stuff, Alex updates us on E3 and talks about some of the EA Sports previews from that still aren't what everyone know what we're talking about. Beer of the Episode: Gnarly Barley's Catahoula Common Lager

  • Episode 20: Were Cavemen in the Bible?

    Episode 20: "Were Cavemen in the Bible?"

    07/06/2017 Duração: 01h11min

    In this episode, we talk about the most uninteresting thing of 2017 (so far)....the NBA Playoffs! They ain't what they've been hyped up to be, but that doesn't stop the drama from flowing like beer. Alex throws in some E-Sports (NERD!) even through we told him not to, but it does involve gambling, so it's OK...we guess. We find out why Emil's passport got flagged and what Barron Trump's wardrobe is when he's not in a suit. We also talk about ole Tiger Woods and his pill poppin' (suspicion of) DUI arrest, Bryce Harper's horrible (but well deserved) helmet toss, and finally, Pac-man Jones mentoring none other than the Bengals 2nd round draft pick with some baggage. Beer of the Episode: Parish Brewing's Envie and Double Dry Hopped Envie American Pale Ale