Podcast by USC Viterbi School of Engineering


  • Episode 6 Trapped By The Brain

    Episode 6 "Trapped By The Brain"

    26/10/2017 Duração: 35min

    Every day, we do thousands of movements that we take for granted. But what if our bodies were a prison? Who would unlock it for us? At four months old, following a severe brain injury, Ralph Hernandez was condemned to be a prisoner of his own body. Then, he met Dr. Terry Sanger.

  • Episode 5 KATE 2600

    Episode 5 "KATE 2600"

    03/05/2017 Duração: 35min

    Based on the contemporary research of USC Viterbi professor Burcin Becerik-Gerber, KATE 2600 transports us to New Amsterdam — a futuristic city where buildings are not inanimate but sentient beings, uniquely programmed to suit the physical needs of their residents. Adam Bard, a successful finance executive and aspiring author is looking for such a home. Kate 2600 becomes not only his home but his primary emotional companion. Their relationship is soon threatened by the limitations of human mortality and technical fallibility.

  • Episode 4 The Love Algorithm

    Episode 4 "The Love Algorithm"

    14/02/2017 Duração: 24min

    Musician and composer Wil Brumbach, goes on a search for love enlisting the help of some powerful matchmakers - engineers. He tests the hypothesis of a love formula through highly scientific means - by putting himself “out there” and consulting with data scientists at eHarmony and USC's Information Sciences Institute. Responsible for nearly 5% of marriages in America, these engineers at eHarmony are on a quest to manufacture the ultimate love algorithm that can predict happy long-lasting relationships. Can they help Wil find his happily ever after?

  • Episode 3 Cancer in The Time of Algorithms

    Episode 3 "Cancer in The Time of Algorithms"

    29/09/2016 Duração: 20min

    Machine learning expert Greg Ver Steeg and computational biologist Shirley Pepke search for a way to personalize ovarian cancer treatment. For Pepke, the answers can’t come fast enough.

  • Episode 2 The Escape of Bogdan Marcu

    Episode 2 "The Escape of Bogdan Marcu"

    05/06/2016 Duração: 23min

    On July 20, 1969, from behind the Iron Curtain in communist Romania, ten-year-old Bogdan Marcu watched Neil Armstrong take the first step on the moon. That moment unleashed a space dream and a chain of events that included a gutsy escape plan, a revolution, a USC graduate application funded by selling cotton socks on the streets of Budapest, a miners' revolt and saving the life of a total stranger who would forever seal his fate.

  • Episode 1 Acoustic Museums

    Episode 1 "Acoustic Museums"

    13/02/2016 Duração: 22min

    An international, trans-disciplinary team of researchers travels to Thessaloniki, Greece to capture the ethereal sounds of ancient Byzantine churches and collect the "Google Earth" of sound.