Erin, Tiffany and Nicky take their yoga practice off their mat and into their lives.


  • Otm #013 Netflix and Chaos

    Otm #013 Netflix and Chaos

    22/05/2016 Duração: 45min

    Nicky, Tiffany and Erin discuss how chaos has become the equilibrium in their lives, and just like their lives this episode ended up being completely chaotic from Netflix to yoga we couldn't stay on one topic.

  • Otm #012 Show up and Suck!

    Otm #012 Show up and Suck!

    02/05/2016 Duração: 43min

    This "Chat"-uranga with Jamie Pilloff is all about AYSUP Yoga Teacher Training, and why you need to show up and suck every once in a while.

  • OTM #011 Is your Comfort Zone corrupt?

    OTM #011 Is your Comfort Zone corrupt?

    17/04/2016 Duração: 54min

    Tiffany, Erin and Nicky discuss why being in your comfort zone is the worst place to be in. Is your comfort zone corrupt? How can you break free?