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Radio show hosted by Marcelo Tavares featuring the best Deep & Underground Music plus guestmixes. Download episodes, read playlists and more links in the homepage:


  • week330 – Deep Space Podcast

    week330 – Deep Space Podcast

    16/05/2020 Duração: 02h00s

    E ae!Welcome to Deep Space Podcast! Thanks for listening.In the show today you gonna listen a spatial guestmix by Ferwell.Enjoy the week330!Playlist:Artist - Track Name - [Label]1st hour mixed by Marcelo Tavares1) Mok Jay - We Did It First Day (Japan) (Original Mix) - [Audio Lab]2) Hipp-E - Blacker Than... (Jimpster Remix) - [Freerange]3) 16B - Trail Of Dreams (Omid's Original Jazz Mix) - [Alola]4) Paul Cut - Caparadise - [Les Yeux Orange]5) Graham Van Pelt - Sense Appeal (Gene Tellem 00'S Mix) - [Arbutus]6) Steve Moro - A Situation (Extended Mix) - [Kaleydo]7) Ed Nine - On My Own (Original Mix) - [Nurvous]8) Dub Striker - Wild Rhythm (Garrett David Remix) - [Happiness Therapy]9) Jack Bags - Water-Based - [Kaleido]10) Mag Day Chuk - Alfa - [Trommel Music]2nd hour spatial guestmix by Ferwell1) K15 - Gratitude - [Wild Oats]2) Dave Pad - Lofoten - [Bondage Music]3) Fresh & Low - Feels So Good (Original Version) - [Plate]4) BRS - Lovin' Me (Harley & Muscle Mix) - [Situationism]5) Johnny Fiasco - Take Five - [OM]6

  • week329 – Deep Space Podcast

    week329 – Deep Space Podcast

    09/05/2020 Duração: 02h00s

    E ae!Welcome to Deep Space Podcast! Thanks for listening.I bring today for you guys, for the 3rd time in the podcast, Kay Mood WEAPONz (Controversial Objections) featuring an exclusive guestmix in the 2nd hour!Enjoy the week329!Playlist:Artist - Track Name - [Label]1st hour mixed by Marcelo Tavares1) Gomo Paradise - We All Say (Original Mix) - [Paramo]2) deep88 - 5am Adriatic Jam Cassette 13) Remotif - Atocha Familiar - [Familiar Strangers]4) Yukihiro Fukutomi - It's Gonna Be Alright - [Les Disques Mystiques]5) Timeline - Moment In Marseille - [Underground Resistnce]6) Daphne - When You Love Someone (Groove Instrumental) - [Beats In Space]7) Scott Grooves - Deeply Uncomfortable8) Martin Denev feat. Sasha Zico - Perfectly Enough (Atjazz Galaxy Aart Dub) - [Imagenes]9) Ben Penn - Trouble - [Safe Trip]10) No Moon - Dayz - [Church 2020]2nd hour spatial guestmix by Kay Mood WEAPONz (Controversial Objections, South Africa)1) Nicolas Duvoisin & Reber - Strawberry (Original Mix) - [Fantastic Friends]2) Aron Volta - S

  • week328 – Deep Space Podcast

    week328 – Deep Space Podcast

    03/05/2020 Duração: 02h00s

    E ae!Welcome to Deep Space Podcast! Thanks for listening.Deep Space Podcast, 10 years! Wow... by continue the celebration, today you gonna listen an exclusive guestmix by Peace Deep! Enjoy the week328!Playlist:Artist - Track Name - [Label]1st hour mixed by Marcelo Tavares1) Phil Stroud - Eucalyptus2) Hamza Rahimtula - Bourj Hammoud - [Viva]3) Solune - Ceremony - [ANMA]4) AWIDA - Cielo Dance - [World Famous]5) Nkosie - The Dawn6) Lukas Lyrestam - Strange Beast - [Skylax]7) Mark E - Nova Blur - [Studio Barnhus]8) Platzdasch & Dix - Stewpit - [Nite Grooves]9) Muning - On My Way to You - [Night Young]10) Lowres - Tsukat - [Minor Notes]2nd hour exclusive guestmix by Peace Deep1) AFAMoo - I Just Wanna Be With U (Original Mix) - [Lisztomania]2) The Checkup - On A Ride (Original Mix) - [Heat Up Music]3) BRS - Night To Remember (Bittersuite Remix) - [Situationism]4) Manuold - This Is Power (Original Mix) - [Madhouse]5) Limyth - Sentinel (Original Mix) - [Closer To Truth]6) Thierry Tomas - Rhythm#1 - [Robsoul]7) Twoleg

  • week327 – Deep Space Podcast

    week327 – Deep Space Podcast

    25/04/2020 Duração: 02h00s

    E ae!Welcome to Deep Space Podcast! Thanks for listening.Today I'm bringing Gionni for the 2nd hour of the show. He hosts the Basement Transmissions channel on Youtube and is part of a huge party in São Paulo/Brasil called Dispersão.Please check more detailed information about Gionni in the links below:Basement TransmissionsFacebook pageDispersãoEnjoy the week327!Playlist:Artist - Track Name - [Label]1st hour mixed by Marcelo Tavares1) Nikolaienko - Wir Bauen Eine Neue Welt - [Muscut]2) Simon Mann - Valley - [Hypnotic Room]3) Brigitte Barbu - Sainte amante - [Circus Company]4) Flame - Sweet Dreams - [Cheetah Play]5) JahJazz - Deep Hole - Movement 66) Hidden Spheres Soon We'll7) Paul Woolford - Son - [Aus Music]8) Patrick Holland - Soaked9) Huerta - Pain Relief - [Voyage]10) Calm - Ending of Summer, Beginning of Autumn (Yuri Shulgin Remix) - [Hell Yeah]11) Square Fauna - Scrolls - [Firecracker]12) Dust-e-1 - Enthusion - [Dust World]13) Alan Dixon - Ambient Braindisk - [Running Back]14) Sad City - Twilight (or

  • week326 – Deep Space Podcast

    week326 – Deep Space Podcast

    17/04/2020 Duração: 02h00s

    E ae!Welcome to Deep Space Podcast! Thanks for listening.Stay at home listening to Deep Space Podcast! 10 years bringing the best Deep Underground electronic music.Today you gonna listen a spatial guest mix by BMA (Sounds So Deep, South Africa).As I told, his mix has 1h30min an the full guestmix is available in the link below:DOWNLOAD BMA's FULL GUESTMIX HERE!Please check more detailed information about Bma in the links below: the week326!Playlist:Artist - Track Name - [Label]1st hour mixed by Marcelo Tavares1) Afrikan Sciences - DAILY GATES - [ESP Institute]2) Pender Street Steppers - Raining Again - [Mood Hut]3) Dust-e-1 - The Pink Tree - [Dust World]4) Feroun - Baltimore Sunrise - [Yoyaku Digital Store]5) Igor Pumphonia - Kutanami (Dub) - [ChillRecordsMusic]6) DKMA - Manga (Adam Jace Mix) - [Manuscript]7) Cornucopia - Orion - [microCastle]8) Lawrence - Interference - [Giegling]9) SQA

  • week325 – Deep Space Podcast

    week325 – Deep Space Podcast

    11/04/2020 Duração: 02h00s

    E ae!Welcome to Deep Space Podcast! Thanks for listening.Stay at home listening to Deep Space Podcast!Support Deep Space Podcast, please donate! Check information at the 2nd hour today, you gonna listen an spatial guestmix by INDULGE (South Africa).Enjoy the week325!Playlist:Artist - Track Name - [Label]1st hour mixed by Marcelo Tavares1) Lone - Cocoon - [R&S]2) Ali Khan - Early Morning, Birds Hill Park - [Purespace]3) Focus on the Breath - Eternal Life - [Cold Tear]4) Alex Under - CMYK Dub - [Monofónicos]5) Fingers in the Noise - Sleeping Sun - [Cold Fiction Music]6) Radic The Myth - Quantum Drift (Original Dub) - [AfroMove Music]7) Heavenchord - Chordalia - [Cold Tear]8) Deni Diezer - Passing By Unrest9) Digitalverein - Winterdumpf - [Thinner]10) Audiokonstrukte - Lowdrift - [Cold Tear]2nd hour exclusive guestmix by Indulge (South Africa)1) NINZE & OKAXY - Melatonin - [Laut & Luise]2) SKLV - Trincolamee (Hrag Mikkel Rework) – [Art Vibes]3) Timelapse & Fathers - Arborea -

  • week324 – Deep Space Podcast

    week324 – Deep Space Podcast

    04/04/2020 Duração: 02h00s

    E ae!Welcome to Deep Space Podcast! Thanks for listening.I hope you guys and your family are safe. Stay home and enjoy this new episode. You gonna listen today an exclusive guestmix by UNDERGUI (São Paulo, Brasil).Enjoy the week324!Playlist:Artist - Track Name - [Label]1st hour mixed by Marcelo Tavares1) DJ Thes-Man - You Know Me (Original Mix) - [OHYEA MUZIQ]2) Hidden Spheres - My Names - [Scissor & Thread]3) Mok Jay - Love Is Higher4) Ivan Latyshev - Old Ages - [Dessous]5) DJ Stereotip - FMF - [Ungrounded]6) Darling - Salt Cry - [Safe Trip]7) Metropolitan Jazz Affair - Drifting (Guri 2018 Edit) - [Sub_Urban]8) AFK & Bludwork - Get Personal - [100% Silk]9) Ancient Deep - Quicksands - [Immers Music]10) DJ Kush Boogie - Dancers Cut - [Lobster Theremin]11) Osifis Ehtebaht - After The Session2nd hour spatial guest mix by Undergui (São Paulo, Brasil)1) Theo Parrish - Ebonics - [Sound of Signature]2) Shigeto - Detroit Part II - [Ghosty International]3) Braz - Yourz - [Office Recording]4) Chaos In The CBD - Drum Th

  • week323 – Deep Space Podcast

    week323 – Deep Space Podcast

    27/03/2020 Duração: 02h00s

    E ae! Welcome to Deep Space Podcast! Thanks for listening.I hope all you guys and your families are well and safe among this chaotic situation. Please stay at home, ask for your local government to work for you. Time has come to governments works for us! Stay at home and listen to good music over Deep Space Podcast. I'll be live streaming at Facebook day by day, check my profile in the link below: gonna listen today a spatial guestmix by KOKETSO DISTROYER in the 2nd hour! Enjoy the week323! Playlist: Artist - Track Name - [Label]1st hour mixed by Marcelo Tavares 1) Tawanda - Like Rain - [Guangzhou Underground] 2) Lars Bartkuhn - Human (Full Experience) - [Visions] 3) Nick Araguay - Gédéon - [Sähkö] 4) Afefe Iku feat. Boddhi Satva - Manda Island - [Yoruba] 5) ARIF - Ultra - [Nous'klaer Audio] 6) Space Ghost - Prayer For U - [Apron] 7) Steven Legget, Mark Hand feat. Greg Blackman - If You Cannot Try - [Apollo] 8) Shinichi Atobe - So Good, So Right - [DDS] 9) Cuebur

  • week322 – Deep Space Podcast

    week322 – Deep Space Podcast

    18/03/2020 Duração: 02h00s

    E ae! Welcome to Deep Space Podcast! Thanks for listening. Afss aka Anderson Santos (São Luis, Maranhão, Brasil) is the guest for today in the 2nd hour. Enjoy the week322! -- Playlist: Artist - Track Name - [Label]1st hour mixed by Marcelo Tavares 1) Archaic Revival - Dynamo - [Monofónicos] 2) Midnight Groove - Nyamaropa - [Beats Of No Nation] 3) Gilbert Cohen & Ariel Kalma - Head Voices - [Versatile] 4) The Colors That Rise - Deep Space - [Rhythm Section International] 5) Coflo - False Feelins - [Ocha] 6) Earth Trax - Adhocracy - [Shall Not Fade] 7) Lovebreak - Love Me Love You - [Sprechen] 8) Chaos In The CBD, Lee Pearson Jr Collective feat. K LaDawn, Joe Armon-Jones - It's up to Me (Instrumental) - [Neroli] 9) Khutšo Chuma - Sticks & Stones 10) Shando - Mr. Vibe (Original Tribute Mix) - [House Tribe] 11) Lake People - Trace Ae - [Connaisseur] 12) Mike Schommer Feat. Milly James - Come Home - [Greyscale] 2nd hour spatial guest mix by Afss (São Luis, Maranhão, Brazil) 1) Larry Heard - Loves Arrival (Dub)

  • week321 – Deep Space Podcast

    week321 – Deep Space Podcast

    07/03/2020 Duração: 02h00s

    E ae!Welcome to Deep Space Podcast! Thanks for listening.I bring today for the 10 years celebration a very nice mix by NUNO ESTEVEZ, cofounder from Just Move Records.Check Just Move Records catalog here:Bandcamp: https://justmoverecords.bandcamp.comEnjoy the week321!-- Playlist:Artist - Track Name - [Label]1st hour mixed by Marcelo Tavares 1) David Marques - Search - [Movimento Casa] 2) Nini Maluks - Won't Forget You (Nini-JazzMeloz Instrumental Mix) - [Laminar-Wavy] 3) Chromatic Filters - First Impact - [Rebirth] 4) Orn - Still (Original Mix) - [Lola Freak] 5) ZanyDeep - AEON 6) Babis Kotsanis - Voices in My Mind (Dub Mix) - [Society 3.0] 7) Deep Mayer - The Return (Original Mix) - [OHYEA MUZIQ] 8) Ant LaRock - Never Sent (Original Mix) - [Blockhead] 9) Last Nubian - Horse Rider Girl - [Pumpernickel] 10) Akio Imai - Rosetta - [La Bouee Rouge] 2nd hour spatial guest mix by NUNO ESTEVEZ (Just Move Records) Playlist loading…

  • week320 – Deep Space Podcast

    week320 – Deep Space Podcast

    29/02/2020 Duração: 02h00s

    E ae!Welcome to Deep Space Podcast! Thanks for listening.The 10 years celebration don't stop! Today, you gonna listen an exclusive guestmix by MTDO (The Giant) in the 2nd hour.Monametsi Jimmy Dire is a young man from North West, Zeerust in a small village called Moshana but currently based in Gauteng, West Rand Kagiso, who has been in the game for quite some time and quite dedicated and committed to this game.MTDO which is his stage name is a strictly Dub Techno & Deep House Spinner, he has been loyal and strict when it comes to his sound for the longest time he now pushes a podcast that has been running for quite a while now called The Giants Mixtapes which has now featured the likes of René Jazzman (Germany), Datakestra (Tokyo), Dave Marian (Romania), BMA (Sounds So Deep), Deep Tsonga (Botswana), Emma Champion (UK) and a lot more of these awesome spinners, and he has been featured on some podcasts and radio stations to mention a few Deeper Shades Of House (#642) , Bestbeats.TV , Fathomless Live Sessions, De

  • week319 – Deep Space Podcast

    week319 – Deep Space Podcast

    22/02/2020 Duração: 02h00s

    E ae!Welcome to Deep Space Podcast! Thanks for listening.To keep the 10 years celebration, I bring today my super brother TSHIPI, with an exclusive guestmix recorded live in the last year at House22, Pretoria, South Africa in the 2nd edition of Ode To GovDeep.Enjoy the week319! --Playlist:Artist - Track Name - [Label]1st hour mixed by Marcelo Tavares1) Soul Varti - Above the Horizon (6icknature Floating Soul Remix) - [Under Pressure]2) Jacques Renault - Faith (Lemonade Remix) - [Let's Play House]3) Crackazat - Valentine - [Freerange]4) Pete Moss - Deepest Feelings - [Worship]5) Luyo - Breathe (Mus Threee Spiritual Instrumental) - [Double Cheese]6) Paul2Paul - The Life' Lines (Chill Out) - [Lowplay Sound]7) Chmmr - User (CLI Mix) - [Pear]8) Veja Vee Khali - Rhythm Of Love (Main Mix) - [Khali]9) Khalil Anthony - Shelter (thatmanmonkz Dub Remix) - [Shadeleaf Music]10) Recloose - Honey Rocks - [Aus Music]2nd hour exclusive mix by TshipiSorry, no playlist. Recorded live at Ode To GovDeep, House22, Pretoria, April

  • week318 – Deep Space Podcast

    week318 – Deep Space Podcast

    15/02/2020 Duração: 02h00s

    E ae!Welcome to Deep Space Podcast! Thanks for listening.Starting from today, a spatial season of guestmixes celebrating 10 years of Deep Space Podcast, with an exclusive guestmix by Masta Speaks from YDE Pub, Durban, South Africa.Enjoy the week318!--Playlist:Artist - Track Name - [Label]1st hour mixed by Marcelo Tavares1) Wohltat - Hyperbolically - [Nidra Music]2) Adam Emil - Hovedspring - [Piff]3) Christian Tiger School - If You Want To - [Lissoms]4) Housenigga's - 02 - [Paunchy Cat]5) Bipolardepth - Cammeo - [Udacha]6) Luka feat. Sio - Invite Me In (Dub-Mental) - [We Go Deep]7) Statue - Admiration - [Cutters]8) Da Lex DJ - This Is Lazy Writing (Marcelo Tavares Remix) - [Heart N Soul]9) Vetja Lavita - Phezulu (Original Mix) - [Vetja Music]10) System Of Survival feat. Surfbit - Searching Searching For A Wave - [Get Physical Music]2nd hour exclusive guestmix by Masta Speaks (YDE Pub, Durban, South Africa)1) Synkro - Your Heart - (Sven's To Be Pure In Heart Mix) - [Apollo]2) Marco Cassanelli - Departure At 6Am

  • week317 – Deep Space Podcast

    week317 – Deep Space Podcast

    01/02/2020 Duração: 01h01s

    E ae!Welcome to Deep Space Podcast! Thanks for listening.Don't forget to listen to Deep Space Podcast also at Dublab Brasil every Fridays, 9pm GMT-3 with exclusive mix in the 2nd hour!Enjoy the week317!--Playlist:Artist - Track Name - [Label]1) Reykjavik606 Feat. Ishmael Ensemble - Endless Summer in Peckham - [Forbidden Colours]2) I Gemin - No More Tears - [Mole Music]3) Rai Scott - Walking Home - Late Night Running - [Late Night Running]4) EnoSoul - Way Out - [Pasqua]5) Melchior Sultana - Phased - [wewillalwaysbealovesong]6) Leonid - Woodwalk - [Verdant]7) Acid Pauli & Nico Stojan - Sample Junkies - [Ouie]8) Riccicomoto - Assimilatione (Slavery Dub)9) Duccio - Immigrant Love - [Smile For A While]10) Mr Joe - Hypnotize - [Aluku]11) B&S Concept - Destination Y (Original Mix) - [Gents & Dandy's]

  • week316 – Deep Space Podcast

    week316 – Deep Space Podcast


    E ae!Welcome to Deep Space Podcast! Thanks for listening.This is the 1st show of 2020! Happy New Year!Enjoy the week316! --Playlist:Artist - Track Name - [Label]1) m.takara - ao vivo no rio 3 - [Bafo Quente]2) Dsum - Stone Chords - [Play Function Issues]3) Justin Espada - Caramel - [Young Society]4) Brendon Moeller - Influx - [Acido]5) Jad & The - Pacific Drums (Liquid Mix) - [Beats Of No Nation]6) Nightdrive - Apple Juice - [SOVIETT Lenivo]7) Ackeret - Offstage - [Nidra Music]8) Guerrinha - Racionalismo Dezembro - [40% Foda/Maneiríssimo]9) Adaptationes Mirabiles - Mademoiselle - [Stereoheaven]10) Worldtraveller - Sleepdealer - [GMM]11) Aurtigards - A Story of Stories - [Traumnovelle]12) Bjarki - Utvarp Saga - [!K7]

  • week315 – Deep Space Podcast

    week315 – Deep Space Podcast

    28/12/2019 Duração: 01h01s

    E ae!Welcome to Deep Space Podcast! Thanks for listening.This is the last show of the year! I hope you have a great 2020 with many jobs! Cheers!!!Enjoy the week315!--Playlist:Artist - Track Name - [Label]1) Zopelar - Film - [AXE TRAXX]2) Warm - Blue Sunrise - [Rush Hour Music]3) Fredrik Carlsson - Touch - [Jens]4) Swamp Dogg - Silly, Silly, Silly, Silly Me (The Revenge Dub) - [Essential Media Group]5) Afterlife - Naif - [Subatomic]6) Galeria Disco - Cinético - [Monofónicos]7) Thabang Baloyi - Brand New Day - [Just Move]8) Vandal M - Paranoia (Original Mix) - [Surreal Sounds Music]9) po-lar-i-ty feat. Anne Wirz - resolution - [Yoruba]10) Andrei Swipe - Analog Express - [We Make Names]11) Kito Jempere - Gas Station (Juju & Jordash Remix)12) Maddquest - Veteran - [Deep Inspiration Show]

  • week314 – Deep Space Podcast

    week314 – Deep Space Podcast

    21/12/2019 Duração: 01h01s

    E ae!Welcome to Deep Space Podcast! Thanks for listening.I hope you dig the penultimate show of 2019! Merry Christmas!Enjoy the week314!--Playlist:Artist - Track Name - [Label]1) Elias Marques & David Marques - Galactic (Modjadeep.SA Remix) - [Movimento Casa]2) Modd - Nebosvod - [All Day I Dream]3) Koala - Lonely Travelers (Original Mix) - [Oh!]4) Brothermartino - Dem Type Stars - [AXE TRAXX]5) Tomahawk Bang - H O M E - [Atjazz Record Company]6) Ivano Tetelepta & Benito Martino - Spider Walk - [Mouche]7) Turbojazz - Yellow Wave (Original Mix) - [Boogie Cafe]8) Wipe the Needle - Rise Up (Kai Alce Instrumental) - [Makin Moves]9) Thap Soul - Awakening - [Broadcite Productions]10) Frederick - Take My Hand (6th Borough Project Remix) - [Lazy Days]

  • week313 – Deep Space Podcast

    week313 – Deep Space Podcast

    14/12/2019 Duração: 01h01s

    E ae!Welcome to Deep Space Podcast! Thanks for listening.Many good music for the antepenultimate show of 2019.Enjoy the week313! --Playlist:Artist - Track Name - [Label]1) Nicholas - Rainforest - [Shall Not Fade]2) 1-800 Girls - Don't Wanna Stop - [Shall Not Fade]3) Fred Buddah - Free My Soul (t. Siza Remix) - [Super Black Tapes]4) Tour Maubourg - Stay - [Happiness Therapy]5) Bicep & Hammer - Dahlia (Original mix) - [Feel My Bicep]6) Wax D - Floating - [Borde]7) Prins Thomas - Ambitions (Isolée Remix) - [Smalltown Supersound]8) DJ Buhle - Winter's Call9) Zoi (CA) - Outsiders - [Traum]10) Acid Pauli - Shifting Gier - [Ouïe Circle]11) Will Lister - Glow - [Of Paradise]

  • week312 – Deep Space Podcast

    week312 – Deep Space Podcast

    07/12/2019 Duração: 01h01s

    E ae!Welcome to Deep Space Podcast! Thanks for listening.Enjoy the week312!--Playlist: Artist - Track Name - [Label]1) Marow - Loschwitz - [Dewtone]2) Freda & Jackson - Slo Mosely - [Ken Oath]3) Ex-Terrestrial - Blue Smoke - [1080p]4) Chip Wickham - Snake Eyes (Ishmael Ensemble Remix) - [Lovemonk]5) Ark, Pit Spector - Tire Par Les Chevaux (Original Mix) - [Circus Company]6) Humans & Trees - Not Up From The Ground - [Ltd, W/Lbl]7) XXXV Gold Fingers feat. The Mechanical Man Sticky Black (Original Mix) - [Suoni Moderni]8) Two Thou - Thousands of Chimes Together - [Uzuri]9) Stump Valley - Proletarians in Space - [Dekmantel]10) riccicomoto feat. Jojo - Salvation - [Asymmetric]11) Demone - Sunday Ending - [Ran Groove]

  • week311 – Deep Space Podcast

    week311 – Deep Space Podcast

    30/11/2019 Duração: 01h01s

    E ae!Welcome to Deep Space Podcast! Thanks for listening.I've sad news guys... Due to family commitments, I'll no longer be able to go to South Africa this December... So sorry... But, I'll be there in 2020 at March!Enjoy the week311! --Playlist:Artist - Track Name - [Label]1) coolaffair - Afro Futuristic - A Conversation With The Black Future!2) Clyde - Roll of the Beasth (Atjazz Astro Remix Instrumental) - [M8MC]3) Iron Curtis - Werc Werc Werc (Andy Hart Remix) - [Tamed Musiq]4) Danvers feat. T.Williams - Calmer - [CoOp Presents]5) Theo Parrish - This Is For You (Instrumental) - [Sound Signature]6) Kyle Hall - Ghosten - [Third Ear]7) Rephlex & KVRVBO - Over The Edge - [Just Move]8) Kabee - Pantaloons (Kabee Drastic Dream Mix) - [Zillah Muzik]9) Deephope - Coffee Time - [Sajgon]10) Roi Azulay - Hillula - [Atypical Dopeness]

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