Surviving Blakk

Surviving Blakk


Welcome to the Surviving Blakk Podcast, hosted by Keyo and Kae!Keyo and Kae are here with a fresh and exciting Podcast, exploring all things black!Keyo and Kae graduated high school together in a small city in Alabama. Keyo parted ways after receiving his bachelors degree and is now working/living in a big city. Kae is still in Alabama, unfortunately, and is now going to school in hopes to become a licensed social worker/therapist.


  • Hey, my loves...
    Hey, my loves...
    Duração: 27min | 20/05/2019

    We are here with a quick intro episode, stepping into the latest mess. We talk everything from tRaNsItIoNeD daughters to Steve No Harvey and taxes on gas. We also find out that Keyo was/still is a Barb and that Kae doesn’t know the difference between Deréon and Apple Bottoms.