Zeus Barbosa

Zeus Barbosa


We speak about life, things happening in out community, things happening in the world, and everyday event that might happen that we don't notice. Motivational words and an uplifting message. Spread love not hate....

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  • Motivation Monday
    Motivation Monday
    Duração: 07min | 13/08/2018

    Fear is the biggest dream killer. Everybody won't believe in your dream so remove the negative people who don't have the same vision from your life.

  • A father is important. HFD
    A father is important. HFD
    Duração: 09min | 17/06/2018

    Happy father's day to all the father's out their and if you ain't know being a father is a serious job that all REAL MEN should be apart of if they have a child.

  • Friday!
    Duração: 12min | 15/06/2018

    Listen to what today means to me...

  • Grateful
    Duração: 07min | 11/06/2018

    Be blessed and know you are some what winning in life so far...

  • Its my birthday
    It's my birthday
    Duração: 08min | 04/06/2018

    Just speaking

  • Lets Talk Relationships
    Let's Talk Relationships
    Duração: 31min | 01/06/2018

    My opinion on relationships and how to make them work no matter the situation

  • Create a path you feel comfortable with.
    Create a path you feel comfortable with.
    Duração: 12min | 31/05/2018

    Enjoy what you have

  • Faith.
    Duração: 13min | 24/05/2018

    Positivity, state of of mind, faith, humble, love, gratitude, blessed. Your morning breakfast before work...

  • My Journey pt2
    My Journey pt2
    Duração: 04min | 21/05/2018

    My life

    Duração: 10min | 18/05/2018

    Speaking a little about my life with a meaningful message at the end.

  • Thinking Outside Of The Box.
    Thinking Outside Of The Box.
    Duração: 04min | 16/05/2018

    Embrace your calling.

  • Self improvement
    Self improvement
    Duração: 07min | 15/05/2018

    Be the best version of yourself, be the change you wanna see...

  • Survive
    Duração: 04min | 14/05/2018

    If your young and your listening to this don't wait to listen. Lend me your ears I promise it will change your life ONLY IF YOU LISTEN.

  • Do what you love.
    Do what you love.
    Duração: 01min | 14/05/2018

    Some Inspiration to start your morning