Family Blessings

Family Blessings


A heartwarming and hilarious New York Times bestseller from Fern Michaels, the acclaimed author of No Place Like Home and Crown Jewel, that will delight and inspire you this and every holiday season!

Right before Thanksgiving, a freak tornado descends on Larkspur, the small town in Pennsylvania’s Allegheny Mountains where matriarch and candy magnate Loretta Cisco—affectionately called Cisco by her grandchildren—lives, and levels the home she’s inhabited for fifty years.

Then there’s more bad news: Cisco’s beloved triplet grandchildren, Hannah, Sara, and Sam, all newlyweds, are experiencing marital problems and they refuse to confide in their grandmother about what’s wrong. Sam’s wife, Sonia, has left him, and Hannah and Sara fear that their husbands are having affairs. Why else would they be coming home so late every night and seem to be keeping secrets?

As the citizens of Larkspur help to rebuild Cisco’s home in time for Christmas, she vows to work a holiday miracle that will hold her family together.

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