Afterchef Junior

Afterchef Junior


The only unofficial MasterChef Junior after show podcast in existence. (Probably.) Weekly post-episode recaps and discussion with hosts Jenni and Stacey and producer Max, hashing out the wins and losses, coolest outfits, most GIF-able moments, dealing with our own personal youthful failures, and dreaming about who would be our best friend if we were still 12.

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  • MasterChef Junior S05E14 & S05E15: Hungry Like The Wolfgang
    Duração: 48min | 19/05/2017
  • MasterChef Junior S05E13: Diamonds of the Sea
    Duração: 45min | 12/05/2017
  • MasterChef Junior S05E12: Børk Børk Børk
    Duração: 51min | 05/05/2017