Podcast Junior

Podcast Junior


A podcast about the things kids care about. Hosted by 11 year old Irene.

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  • Podcast Junior ep 13 | Pets!
    Podcast Junior ep 13 | Pets!
    Duração: 20min | 06/03/2018

    Irene talks about Pets

  • Podcast Junior episode 12| Cousins
    Podcast Junior episode 12| Cousins
    Duração: 18min | 30/10/2017

    Listen to 11 year old Irene give her thoughts on how to be a good cousin. Then she'll let you know what she's reading and watching. 

  • Podcast Junior episode 11
    Podcast Junior episode 11
    Duração: 20min | 16/05/2017

    Irene breaks down all you need to know in order to succeed at Rock, Paper, Scissors. Plus, new book and movie recommendations. 

  • Podcast Junior episode 10 | Comedy!
    Podcast Junior episode 10 | Comedy!
    Duração: 19min | 01/05/2017

    Irene talks about what she loves about comedy and what comedy even is. 

  • Podcast Junior episode 9 | Birthdays!
    Podcast Junior episode 9 | Birthdays!
    Duração: 20min | 01/05/2017

    Irene talks about birthday favorites from the past and about her upcoming celebration. 

  • Podcast Jr Episode 8 | Hamilton!
    Podcast Jr Episode 8 | Hamilton!
    Duração: 24min | 11/12/2016

    Irene goes deep on her love for the musical Hamilton and everything she's learned about Alexander Hamilton as a result. 

  • Episode 7 | Back to School!
    Episode 7 | Back to School!
    Duração: 19min | 08/11/2016

    Podcast Junior, aka Irene, talks about the fall return to school and whether or not she was excited to start school. She talks about making new friends and seeing old ones. And she gives a special shout out to Ghostbuster Leslie Jones for listening and supporting. 

  • Episode 6 | Ghostbusters 2016!
    Episode 6 | Ghostbusters 2016!
    Duração: 20min | 18/08/2016

    Irene saw the new Ghostbusters movie and she's excited to tell you all about it!

  • Episode 5 | Lets talk about Crafts!
    Episode 5 | Let's talk about Crafts!
    Duração: 20min | 02/08/2016

    Irene talks about making crafts. And she does Best, Worst, Funniest and give her motivations for the week!

  • Episode 4 | Lets talk about vegetarians!
    Episode 4 | Let's talk about vegetarians!
    Duração: 28min | 17/06/2016

    Irene talks about being born a vegetarian and what that means. She shares some of her favorite foods and recipes, gets into why its important to treat everyone the same no matter what they eat, and goes through her best worst and funniest. She also declares this the funniest episode of the podcast thus far. And has a bonus interview with her first podcast guest, her mom!

  • Episode 3 | Lets talk about Dads
    Episode 3 | Let's talk about Dads
    Duração: 24min | 28/05/2016

    Podcast jr. is a show hosted by 10 year old Irene. In this episode she tries to get at what a dad is and what a dad isn't She explores how many dads she knows and explains the difference between a mom and a dad. Plus she suggests some fun shows to watch and recommends the Nerdy Nummies cookbook. 

  • Ep 2 | Lets talk testing
    Ep 2 | Let's talk testing
    Duração: 23min | 19/05/2016

    On this episode, Podcast jr talks about small talk and wonders if all talk is small talk. She also talks about school testing, what are the good and bad parts of testing and suggests ways to make tests more fun. She also may or may not talk about farts. 

  • Ep 1 | Meet Podcast Jr.
    Ep 1 | Meet Podcast Jr.
    Duração: 27min | 13/05/2016

    Podcast jr., aka Irene, talks about why she likes podcasts and why she decided to make one of her own.