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Each week a Warrior Woman With A Purpose will shine in her truest, authentic self to discuss how she overcame failures, triumphed over adversities and found her lane. If you have been seeking a tribe of women with similar mottos and beliefs to connect with, a mentor or a woman who inspires you to be brave, driven by gut instinct, heart connection and determination, welcome home!


  • WWP Podcast #18 Get Your Gift Out, The World Is Waiting with Beth Weinstein

    WWP Podcast #18 Get Your Gift Out, The World Is Waiting with Beth Weinstein

    07/08/2017 Duração: 01h37s

    In this episode, I chat with Beth Weinstein, business coach for heart-centered entrepreneurs and conscious creators who’s on a mission to transform the world we live in. Beth is also the founder of Only Atoms, an athletic apparel business. From her comfy, cabin retreat, we talk about how she combined her love for running and her background in fashion to create her clothing line and added on to that success with her other mission to help. Laced with specific client examples, Beth gives us an in-depth look at how she’s helped others redirect their entrepreneurial path. We chat about her childhood in San Francisco, playing the game “City” instead of “House,” and how the theme of entrepreneurship has appeared throughout her life experiences. Today, Beth dishes on: how her path has deviated from the typical American, consumerist society, why it’s important to be comfortable with discomfort, how trauma can change our trajectory, and how to not spend any more money on mistakes.   Highlights On her purpose: I thoug

  • WWP Podcast #17 - Mompreneur: From Kitchen Dream To Worldwide Success with Margaux Khoury

    WWP Podcast #17 - Mompreneur: From Kitchen Dream To Worldwide Success with Margaux Khoury

    01/08/2017 Duração: 54min

    In this episode, I chat with Margaux Khoury, mompreneur who makes The Best Deodorant in the World. She shares how her product grew from a formula in her kitchen to a worldwide business and how she’s found ways to balance work and family life. Hint: it involves letting go of some things and trusting your team. Margaux is comfortable being unconventional. Choosing, with her husband, to follow their intuition and unschool their children, growing their business more slowly to support that dedicated effort, and doing it all well show how she’s making it cool to be the black sheep. We talk sacrifice, lifestyles, sustainability, snacks (at least I do), and having a gut you can trust. Today, Margaux dishes on: how cleaning our bodies from the inside out will make our sweat less smelly, the differences between conventional and natural deodorants, why she wants people to not need deodorant, the challenges of scaling a business, and her unschooling and world-schooling philosophy.   Highlights On her life and work: Now

  • WWP Podcast #16 Eat Dessert, Eat A Healthier Life, Eat Mud - Miriam Kwietniewska

    WWP Podcast #16 Eat Dessert, Eat A Healthier Life, Eat Mud - Miriam Kwietniewska

    27/07/2017 Duração: 46min

    Summary In this episode, I chat with Miriam Kwietniewska aka Miriam K., CPO of Eat Mud and creator of Mud, delicious frozen treats that you can enjoy as ice cream or as mousse. Miriam shares about her life as a dual-citizen, dancing like no one is watching, and her entrepreneurial journey to creating Mud. Miriam has navigated stress-induced poor health and found wellness through trusting herself and listening to her body. We chat about the different experiences you can have with your body- how you can talk yourself into doubt, fear, and failure; how your body gets louder when you don’t listen and how terrible that can feel; and how now Miriam’s body is like a magnet for crazy energy (in a good way). Today, Miriam dishes on: why she talks to her body, why people record her on the beach for a different reason, why you’re amazing (yes, YOU), and the symbolism of the name Mud.   Highlights On her purpose:   We named the product Mud, this four-ingredient ice cream, because it symbolizes something basic and earth

  • WWP Episode 15: Purpose Delayed Isnt Purpose Denied with Jodi Mossop

    WWP Episode 15: Purpose Delayed Isn't Purpose Denied with Jodi Mossop

    19/07/2017 Duração: 35min

    Summary In this episode, I chat with Jodi Mossop, founder of Barnacle Babes, an interactive community of “salted warriors” with a passion for sea-related sports, a vision for our oceans future, and a desire to create real connections and change. Barnacle Babes hosts a magazine, a website, and Warrior Women of the Sea Conferences that aim to bring together water women who are digging deeper into themselves and want to live life bigger. Jodi reminds us that purpose delayed is not purpose denied. After raising three active boys, she’s excited about approaching fifty, becoming a grandmother, and learning to kiteboard along with other water sports all while growing her multi-faceted business. Today, Jodi chats about: her vision for Barnacle Babes, water sports, ocean conservation efforts, and the being in the midst of it all, how our bodies can be like angry teenagers, and what it means to be a feminine warrior.   Highlights On her purpose: I have a business called Barnacle Babe Productions [that] started off wi

  • WWP Podcast #14 - Womens Intimate Health App BWom Co-Founder Estrella Jaramillo

    WWP Podcast #14 - Women's Intimate Health App BWom Co-Founder Estrella Jaramillo

    14/07/2017 Duração: 41min

    Summary In this episode, I chat with Estrella Jaramillo, cofounder of Bwom, a website and customized phone app for managing women’s intimate health. Estrella discusses her journey to launch Bwom in the U.S., including what it’s like to live in five different cities across two continents in one year. Offered in both English and Spanish, Bwom is available to women all over the world. The newest version of this 2-year-old app was launched earlier this month. It includes a test, evaluation, extensive tracking tools, and articles to help women improve their intimate lives. The subscription-based part of the app also includes recommended exercises and new, daily content tailored to each woman’s needs. Today, Estrella delves into the features and benefits of Bwom, including: who needs kegel exercises (hint: nearly everyone), the wondrous effects of achieving a toned pelvic floor, the many free features of the app, and the new, special sex plan that focuses exclusively on solo and partner-based sexual pleasure.   H

  • WWP Episode #13 From Six Figure Debt To A Soul Rich Woman - Genecia Alluora

    WWP Episode #13 From Six Figure Debt To A Soul Rich Woman - Genecia Alluora

    05/07/2017 Duração: 29min

    Summary In this episode, I chat with former Miss Singapore, personal branding expert, and founder of Soul Rich Woman, Genecia Alluora. Genecia shares her incredible journey of rebounding from six-figure debt and crippling depression to rebuilding her life, career, and self-confidence then helping other women to do the same via her business, Soul Rich Woman. It’s a 1 ½-year-old mastermind community leveraging technology that helps women fast track their business success and live a life of financial independence and emotional freedom. While you might catch her live via webinars and Periscope sharing about success via community through Soul Rich Woman, we caught up with Genecia and also chatted about the ins and out of personal branding via her book, You are Possible!, alongside some contemplative moments about loving yourself, healing from trauma, and using self-doubt to your advantage. Today, Genecia opens up about: bridging generational gaps, resisting traditional roles and societal expectations, the expansi

  • WWP Podcast #12 - Living In Purpose And Truth with Marin Bach-Antonson

    WWP Podcast #12 - Living In Purpose And Truth with Marin Bach-Antonson

    28/06/2017 Duração: 45min

    Summary In this episode, I chat with priestess, mentor, and creator of RiseUpGoddess.com, Marin Bach-Antonson. Marin is passionate about sisterhood. She connects women to the divine feminine via women’s circles, private coaching, and the Priestess Rising Initiation program, her signature feminine leadership program that launches this September. Marin is open about her journey, her calling, and the insights she’s made along the way. Today, Marin shares: how our deeply encoded beliefs affect our daily lives, the ways in which the heart is the motherboard of our bodies, how we perceive masculine and feminine energy, how the right thing can make your heart sing, and a blessing every woman can listen to and receive today.   Highlights On her purpose: I am the creator and the director of the Priestess Rising Initiation Program which is a sacred leadership program for women who are feeling the call to break out of the mundane, everyday life that they lead where they feel like they’re small, and they’re ready to li

  • WWP Podcast #11- Talking Entrepreneur Personality Types, Unschooling Your Kids, Bankruptcy And Balance with Cadey Charfen

    WWP Podcast #11- Talking Entrepreneur Personality Types, Unschooling Your Kids, Bankruptcy And Balance with Cadey Charfen

    21/06/2017 Duração: 47min

    Summary In this episode, I chat with entrepreneur Cadey Charfen, president and co-founder of CHARFEN, an organization that helps entrepreneurs identify and live in their strengths. She and her husband Alex have created and led wildly successful businesses, bounced back from bankruptcy, and have found a work-life balance that actually works for them. Cadey shares about entrepreneurship, momentum, and even lets us in on some secrets, including how she’s used her habit of obsessive researching to make a combination of schooling strategies work for their children to great success. Today, Cadey opens up about: aligning your mind, body, and actions to your goals, un-schooling her children, the entrepreneurial family, and coming into her own as an entrepreneur.   Highlights On her purpose: My husband and I run a training and consulting company for visionary entrepreneurs…We really feel like those are the people that propel the world forward so we train them on how to grow their businesses, how to create dynamic te

  • WWP Podcast #10 - Moving To Mexico And Starting Fitness Vacation Exchange

    WWP Podcast #10 - Moving To Mexico And Starting Fitness Vacation Exchange

    14/06/2017 Duração: 27min

    Summary In this episode, I chat with missionary Gia Lucy, creator of Fitness Vacation Exchange and Aqua Strong. Gia her husband Eric uprooted their family from a small Californian county and found their home and missions in Cozumel, Mexico. The current flow of their lives includes working with an orphanage while running two fitness businesses -- Fitness Vacation Exchange which sends fitness instructors to resorts for teaching vacations and Aqua Strong which puts fitness classes on the water with specially-created fitness boards. Today Gia takes on a mini-tour of her life, sharing: what it’s like to give up everything you have to get everything you want, some difficult lessons her adolescent learned between California and Cozumel, how tomatoes can highlight cultural differences, and how a butterfly sanctuary can be a back-up plan.   Highlights On her purpose: For me, my faith in God and Christianity has really propelled me and given me so much confidence. We wanted to move out of that one county bubble and r

  • WWP Podcast #9 - The Marriage Saving Mistress: Sex, Lies and Jesus with Meg Reynolds

    WWP Podcast #9 - The Marriage Saving Mistress: Sex, Lies and Jesus with Meg Reynolds

    07/06/2017 Duração: 39min

    Summary In this episode, I chat with Meg Reynolds, “fiction” author of The Marriage Saving Mistress: Sex, Lies, and Jesus. She shares about her journey through marriage and divorce, navigating the long process of helping her partner move from divorce proceedings to reconciliation, and how it all came together in one book. Whether you read it to enjoy a sensational story while relaxing on the beach or as information guide, you’ll find juicy tidbits and helpful advice. Today, Meg opens up about: the process of writing so personal a book, the impact of emotional responses, what it means to find the perfect balance in a relationship, and where she’s finding material for her next book, The Taken Man. Highlights On her purpose: Because I understand women very well, I’m able to give them some advice to help them save their relationships. I do not claim to understand men as well as I wish I did but I definitely understand how we think as women. I love knowing that at the end of the day, I had moments or interaction

  • WWP Podcast # 8- From Struggle To Strength with Marissa Lewis

    WWP Podcast # 8- "From Struggle To Strength" with Marissa Lewis

    30/05/2017 Duração: 46min

    Summary In this episode, I chat with motivational speaker, fitness fanatic, mom, transformation coach, and germinator of joy, Marissa Lewis. In her work as a mindset coach and in her facebook group, From Struggle to Strength Mindset, this New Zealand Māori woman shares uplifting and powerful insight about consciousness, raising your vibration, and investing in yourself. While our discussion centered on personal transformation, we talked a lot about support in its various manifestations and even how to protect your energy while giving so much of yourself in service to others.   Today, Marissa shares her take on: conscious evolution, possibility over fear, navigating blindspots, collaboration over competition, and what I think is an unintentional reference to an En Vogue song. Highlights On her purpose: I share techniques, tools, and methods that I use in order to self-heal. I found approaches that I aligned with and that vibrated with what I really felt inspired and motivated by. ____________________________

  • WWP Podcast #7 Following Intuition: Family Tradition And Herbal Medicine With Jane Barlow Of Barlow Herbal

    WWP Podcast #7 "Following Intuition: Family Tradition And Herbal Medicine" With Jane Barlow Of Barlow Herbal

    24/05/2017 Duração: 45min

    Summary In this episode, I chat with master herbalist Jane Barlow. As CEO of Barlow Herbal, Jane knows a lot about wellness, failure, and success. She shares some of her entrepreneurial expertise on starting over, wildcrafting, considering the big picture, and the wonders of the earth. We also talk about how “grandma Jane bars” went from her home to the marketplace and share their real name so you can get some, too. Among other nuggets of wisdom, Jane counsels on: jumping in before you feel like you’re ready, protecting your big, serving heart, the difference between ego and the desire to serve,   chasing money vs. following intuition, and   the supernatural power of lomatium.   Highlights On her purpose: I own an herbal company that was started by my dad 42 years ago. In a literal sense, I get to help heal the world. It’s so amazing. _____________________________________________________________________ On discomfort/fear: I think we get the opposite of ego where we get kind of humble and we think wel

  • WWP Podcast #6 Swimming Away From Corporate America with Scuba Diver Lifes Nadia Aly

    WWP Podcast #6 "Swimming Away From Corporate America" with Scuba Diver Life's Nadia Aly

    15/05/2017 Duração: 44min

    In this episode, I chat with Nadia Aly, underwater photographer/videographer and CEO of Scuba Diver Life and SDL Expeditions. Nadia explores under water the world over, from the warm waters of the Caribbean to the cool waters of South Africa. She shares her passion for the oceans and her determination to follow her own path.   Today, Nadia dives into: what really bums her out, fear and her middle finger, how dealing with the death of a childhood friend pushed her toward pursing her passion as her life’s work, saving the seas and the earth one action at a time, and the joy of spending much of her life under water Highlights On her purpose: I don’t really know who I am yet, but thanks for having me. I travel around the world and I take people on scuba diving expeditions. And I focus on my first company, Scuba Diver Life, where I write and create content for my mass community online, sharing with people where to dive, when to dive, what’s going on in the ocean. ____________________________________________

  • WWP Podcast #5 Creating and Destroying Your Masterpiece, Piñata Passion with Meaghan Kennedy

    WWP Podcast #5 "Creating and Destroying Your Masterpiece, Piñata Passion' with Meaghan Kennedy

    11/05/2017 Duração: 44min

    Summary In this episode, I chat with Meaghan Kennedy, piñata artist and piñata workshop facilitator. Meaghan dishes on piñata-making as an art and a business that allows her to have fun, let loose, and engage with others in meaningful conversation. In her bubbly way, Meaghan shares why and how: her natural chattiness and positive outlook have helped sustain her through some difficult times, piñatas have made room in her life to be creative and cathartic, people never want to smash their piñatas and why they enjoy it so much when they do, and politics and piñatas can share the same space.   Highlights On her purpose: I’m absolutely head over heels in love with piñata-making. I want to do one workshop a month…to get people together in their communities and, using piñatas as a catalyst, to get people together and talk to each other. I think that is the way that change happens. ________________________________________________________________________ On discomfort/fear: The unknown is terrifying. Just try someth

  • WWP Podcast #4 Know Your Value with Chicks With MDs Founder Dr Lisa Whitty Bradley

    WWP Podcast #4 Know Your Value" with Chicks With MD's Founder Dr Lisa Whitty Bradley

    08/05/2017 Duração: 52min

    Kole Hansen, mental midwife for Warrior Women with a Purpose, in conversation with Dr. Lisa Whitty, CEO and co-founder of Chicks with MDs, a think tank for medical professionals and patients. In the time of a typical therapy session, Dr. Lisa Whitty shares her truths and enlightens listeners about what it means to be different, walk with that difference, and thrive both despite and because of that difference. For this Brooklyn-born wife, mother, and plastic and reconstructive surgeon, that difference is living with multiple sclerosis. She discusses how she relentlessly pushes through doubt, fear, and discomfort to pursue her purpose – to educate, empower, and elevate physicians and patients with her think tank, Chicks with MDs. Including the uncomfortable task of reaching out to strangers to get her first speaking engagements and taking risks while remaining true to herself and her service, Dr. Whitty imbeds actionable steps listeners can use today in intimate details about her life and work. Learn about her

  • WWP Podcast #3 Self Source-ery with Kai Cole

    WWP Podcast #3 "Self Source-ery" with Kai Cole

    08/05/2017 Duração: 38min

    Summary In today’s episode, I chat with brand alchemist, radio show host, healing farmer, and CEO of Kai Society, Kai Cole. Kai sheds light on her journey thus far and her mission to promote both brand awareness and spiritual and physical healing through tribe architecture. Kai shares her happiness and joy throughout our conversation. Her smile can be heard in her every word, even when she opens up about: embracing her emotions, navigating uncomfortable moments, her ideas of success, reaching out for support when she feels fear, and sky-diving, base jumping, and taking other crazy chances.   Highlights On her purpose: Tribe architecture stems from the thought of how you can sustainably take care of your following - of the people that are among you and are guiding you through this amazing journey towards whatever it is that your purpose is - but also about the journey of taking care of yourself. I have the ability to promote not only marketing but also conscious living and sustainable living and sustainable

  • WWP Podcast #2 Ready, Fire, Aim with Madalyn Sklar

    WWP Podcast #2 "Ready, Fire, Aim" with Madalyn Sklar

    08/05/2017 Duração: 34min

    Summary In today’s episode, I chat with Madalyn Sklar, social media marketer, twitter influencer, and creator of Go Girls Music, the oldest and largest online community of indie women musicians. Madalyn shares some of the secrets to success she has gathered in her 20 plus years in the business of engaging with people online. And, she divulges some of the hurdles she’s vaulted to get where she is now. Madalyn dishes on: what it’s like to be a pioneer woman…in the social media industry, building relationships with people, mentoring yourself, learning from failure, and tactical twitter tricks you can use today. Highlights On her purpose: I had no idea that I had this entrepreneurialship inside me. I want everybody to know that it’s not necessarily something you’re born with. I’m a firm believer that every path we [go] down and every step we take leads to right this moment. ________________________________________________________________________ On discomfort/fear: In business and in entrepreneurship, it’s alwa

  • WWP Podcast #1 Meet Your Host Kole

    WWP Podcast #1 Meet Your Host Kole

    08/05/2017 Duração: 05min

    I'm Kole, your host of Warrior Women With A Purpose Podcast. In episode one I talk about my life as an risk youth, overdosing into a coma and turning it all around to motivate and inspire others to do the same. 

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