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Wonderfully Simple Website Advice


  • 10 Entrepreneur Website Strategies

    10 Entrepreneur Website Strategies


    The number of website strategies you need to implement for an effective online presence is a enough to make your head spin. I found it easier to wrap my head around once I created a list of the most important. Focus on these one or two at a time. As you do, you’ll find the process […]Click here to play

  • How to Hire a Quality Webmaster

    How to Hire a Quality Webmaster


    The jobs of website designer, website developer, website marketer and webmaster are not one in the same. But, if you had to choose one to keep on the payroll, it’s probably a webmaster. That’s because a webmaster should be able to manage basic updates and maintenance for your website, but can also interact with other specialists for […]Click here to play

  • How to Find a Website Designer

    How to Find a Website Designer


    When it comes to searching for a talented and competent website designer, I feel your pain. Been there. Finding an affordable pro who knows what their doing can be terribly difficult. Even though we now spend our days managing and redesigning websites, I once spent countless hours in your shoes, trying to finding talented website designers and reliable […]Click here to play

  • Small Business Website Checklist

    Small Business Website Checklist


    There are two types of websites. Those that attract, persuade and connect with customers, and those that don’t. If your website includes the elements below, you’re on your way to an online presence that is a true modern marketing tool. The design and layout of our website is clean, professional and mobile friendly. Our navigation […]Click here to play

  • 7 Sins of Small Business Websites

    7 Sins of Small Business Websites


    How valuable is your website if it doesn’t generate new business for you? Today’s economy makes it more crucial than ever to maximize your business online. Most small business websites contain elements that make a site engaging to both visitors and the search engines (the two audiences you always want to keep in mind). However, […]Click here to play