I Want What Youre Having

I Want What You're Having


Success-driven entrepreneurs and business leaders know that there is more to life than just doing. In this podcast, you will learn about how to get what you want so that you can find true joy, peace, happiness and live your life to the fullest.

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  • #049: Planning For Space
    #049: Planning For Space
    Duração: 19min | 16/06/2015

    Special guest Bob Jenkins joins Therese to share his secrets to planning space in his calendar and how he was able to unplug to create more space in his life :-)

  • #048: When You Need to Back Off
    #048: When You Need to Back Off
    Duração: 08min | 09/06/2015

    When you have had enough... and you find yourself trying to battle through your frustrations... do you put your nose to the grind stone, or take a step back? There are times where it can feel critical that you keep pressing forward, and that in order to be "responsible" you need to keep pushing through.  However, have you ever stopped to consider the impact you are having when you stick with it? Perhaps you need to give yourself some space!

  • #047: When Life is Flying By...
    #047: When Life is Flying By...
    Duração: 12min | 02/06/2015

    If you ever find yourself in reaction mode... feeling like you are constantly putting out fires... don't put your nose to the grind stone and work harder. The best thing to do can be counterintuitive! Therese and Maruxa make a big announcement about the month of June and keep you in step with what they are up to creating!  

  • #046: Get Off Autopilot!
    #046: Get Off Autopilot!
    Duração: 13min | 28/05/2015

    Even more common than relationships that are damaged by a fight, or something going terribly wrong... are the relationships that go stale after being put on autopilot. How many relationships in our life are not full of energy and aliveness? If you are settling for sub-par relationships... you will only ever experience sub-par happiness. Today Maruxa and Therese challenge you to dust off those hum-drum connections and create each and every relationship in your life intentionally!

  • #045: When Relationships Go Sideways...
    #045: When Relationships Go Sideways...
    Duração: 15min | 22/05/2015

    Therese and Maruxa cover a few simple steps to bring relationships back into balance when they have gone awry. Have you ever felt stuck in a relationship where you feel like you are not getting what you want... maybe you are not even sure how things got this far off base... but you know you want something different? This episode of "I Want What You're Having" gives ou thye steps you need to dive back into that relationship to create more of what you DO want!

  • #044: Listen, Learn, and Love
    #044: Listen, Learn, and Love
    Duração: 28min | 15/05/2015

    Relationships are the cornerstone of community, and one of the most powerful places to find joy and courage.  Taking the time to intentionally create what you want in relationships will pay you back exponentially in the happiness department ;-) This week Maruxa and Therese are joined by Susie Miller, Author of "Listen, Learn, Love." A powerful book that gives you actionable ways to intentionally create the relationships of your dreams! In today's episode Susie gives us three powerful ways to start creating better relationships today.

  • #043: Whats Your ONE thing
    #043: What's Your ONE thing
    Duração: 17min | 24/04/2015

    Stop trying to do everything perfectly... all at once! You were designed for wase and flow... so take stock of all that you want and then pick our ONE thing to focus on.  Give yourself permsission to make life easy and simplify by choosing one thing that ou are intentionally focusing on.  Do not fall into the trap of running aroung and working hard without getting the results you want!   Join Therese and Maruxa as they discuss the power of focusing on ONE thing.

  • #042: The V Word
    #042: The 'V' Word
    Duração: 19min | 15/04/2015

    Opening up and letting the world see who you truly are can be ont of the scariest experiences EVER! Putting up walls can keep you safe from getting hurt... but it also blocks you from feeling how much people truly love, adore and admire you... just for being you.   Let your true self shine and crack the shell to your true happiness!!!!

  • #041: The Right Way To Smile :-)
    #041: The "Right" Way To Smile :-)
    Duração: 21min | 07/04/2015

    One simple shift in focus can make all the difference in how much effort it takes to be authentically happy! This week Therese and Maruxa get real about places where focusing on details rather than the largest picture may be tripping you up and robbing you of our happiness.

  • SPECIAL EPISODE: How to Get Your Happy Back!
    SPECIAL EPISODE: How to Get Your 'Happy' Back!
    Duração: 30min | 02/04/2015

    When she was down in the dumps, overweight, battling depression and on the verge of canceling her Keynote speech at NAMS... Nicole Dean thought back to a conversation she had with James Dearing... and used five simple words to bounce into action and be her best-self!

  • #039: How To Stretch Further, Dream Bigger and Be Happier Every Day
    #039: How To Stretch Further, Dream Bigger and Be Happier Every Day
    Duração: 16min | 30/03/2015

    There are many ways we hold ourselves back from living life on the 'Edge of Possibility'... Join Therese and Maruxa as they talk about the trick to one of the biggest mistakes we all make that keeps us from living life to the fullest!

  • #038: Get Your Creativity Flowing Again
    #038: Get Your Creativity Flowing Again
    Duração: 19min | 19/03/2015

    Do you ever feel stuck in a rut? Like things are just plodding along... and you crave the spark that being truly creative provides. This episode of "I Want What You're Having" provides a close look at what it truly means to be creative... the places to look for our hidden creativity... and how to get your creative juices flowing! All part of this month's look at coming alive again!

  • #037: The True Fountain of Youth
    #037: The True Fountain of Youth
    Duração: 20min | 11/03/2015

      This week Maruxa and Therese dig into a topic that you may think you have handled... but you are actually missing the mark. Self-care is not an item that you can put on your to-do list, go thought the motions, check it off and still get the benefits.  And it certainly does not have the impact it can if you feel you deserve it... "I 'should' be able to get my nails done because I worked hard this week."   Are you one of the many people running around, working hard and trying to prove that you are worthy? What would you do differently if you operated from a place of knowing that you already ARE worthy? ... How would self-care change for you then?       Join Therese and Maruxa as they talk about these concepts and unpack what works best for them and their clients... uncovering the true fountain of youth and energy.  

  • #036: Re-Claiming Your Personal Power
    #036: Re-Claiming Your Personal Power
    Duração: 19min | 07/03/2015

    Fresh off of Beachpreneurs, Therese and Maruxa tackel a question from listner Yvette Sonneveld. Why would it be impartant for you to stop generalizing your comments into, "you, they, we" statements? What is the importance and impact of switching your language to OWN your experience?

  • #035: The Power of Course Correcting
    #035: The Power of Course Correcting
    Duração: 15min | 25/02/2015

    What do you do when you decide to create a goal, make the goal, and get on track to reaching the goal? Well, for most of us (including the BOTH of us!), we get derailed and fall off course. Let's just be honest about it, right? :) It's in those moments that we have the choice to either get back on the horse or do one of the most debilitating things to ourselves...telling yourself that you are not worthy of the goal. Often, we choose to become a victim to circumstances or get caught into believing one of the many other powerful messages we choose to say to ourselves, that yes, indeed...we are failures. Unfortunately, most of us choose the destructive messages...We choose to stop looking at the goals we've set forth and course correct. We choose to stop going forward towards what we want. In today's episode, we tackle this exact issue head on, and we share with you how we too have needed to course correct and what we're doing about it. We hope that in this episode, you too can gain insights on what you can do i

  • #034: Goal Setting... Its a TRAP!
    #034: Goal Setting... It's a TRAP!
    Duração: 22min | 09/01/2015

    Maruxa and Therese ring in the new year by tackling one of the biggest challenges that people face at the beginning of each year.  This is an unconventional look at the main reason most goals fail what to do and NOT do about it!They also have some fun announcements about two new segments that involve YOU!Join the podcast and jump in over at IWantWhatYoureHaving.com/question

  • The Art of Giving
    The Art of Giving
    Duração: 24min | 24/12/2014

    Doing some last-minute shopping? Trying to figure out the perfect gift? Turn on Therese and Maruxa and give a quick listen to the final podcast of the year! Gift giving can be exhausting... but today on "I Want What You're Having" you will cover how to master the art of giving. What is the secret to giving gifts that serve both the giver and the receiver? Gifts that transcend material objects or include material objects… During the season when spending time with loved ones becomes a priority and you are scurrying from store to store trying to find that perfect something for someone special, what are the key components of giving a gift that leaves a lasting imprint?From our hearts to yours Merry Christmas, happy celebrating and may you be blessed in the coming year.

  • #032: Holiday Traditions: Chains or Choice?
    #032: Holiday Traditions: Chains or Choice?
    Duração: 33min | 19/12/2014

    Therese and Maruxa as they tackle holiday traditions. Join them as they discuss two of the biggest binds that traditions and holidays create.First they discuss if your holiday traditions chain you down and feel like a burden or if you are choosing them and they have you come more alive. How do you let go of traditions that no longer serve what you want to create?get one simple exercise that will help you move from feeling like you're changed by your holiday traditions to choosing how you want to create them.One of the other challenges you may face going home for the holidays is having your family treat you as if you're the same person you were in the past. If you want to create new relationships and ways of being with your family this episode is a must!Take a short break from the bustle of the season to feed your soul and create more of what you want!

  • #031: How to Actually ENJOY Your Holiday
    #031: How to Actually ENJOY Your Holiday
    Duração: 37min | 12/12/2014

    Maruxa and Therese take a peak into how you can create the holiday experience you want. Your focus and one simple intention can make all the difference in the world! :-)

  • #030: So What, Now What?
    #030: So What, Now What?
    Duração: 38min | 04/12/2014

    After giving you a break from "I Wand What You're Having" through the month of November, Maruxa and Therese have missed you!... And each other. In this Episode, Therese and Maruxa talk about the highlights and challenges of this year and what that means for next year.  Insights, happenings and golden moments that you will not want to miss!

  • #029: Creating Your Powerful Opportunities:
    #029: Creating Your Powerful Opportunities:
    Duração: 26min | 30/10/2014

    Have you ever wondered why, even though you know you’ve set your mind to take steps towards your goals, you constantly stop yourself from making it happen? You are not alone. In fact, most of us do this sabotage on a regular basis. Today, our co-host Debbie O’Grady shares with you the exact strategy she uses to keep herself and her clients staying focused so that dreams become reality.  During this episode, you will learn:  The 3 powerful strategies to continuing towards your dream day in and out How to break down your big goals into simple, manageable steps The critical exercise you need to do the minute you start to feel overwhelmed by what needs to be done to get to your goal Why friends should never be accountability partners…and who to seek out to get the right accountability for you The fastest way to get off the couch and on to the right course to getting more of what you want   This is the missing puzzle piece you may be needing to help you bring this conversation we’ve had over the last 3 episodes 

  • #028: The Power of Possibility
    #028: The Power of Possibility
    Duração: 45min | 21/10/2014

    We’ve all had that experience where we know in the depths of our being that what we’re doing and how we are living or thinking is actually not fully aligned with the person we want to be in this world. You know you are living at 50, 60, 80% of your capacity, and would rather just go day by day doing the same old, same old. However, there is a bit of a fire that simmers within you that wonders, “What if I go for it - and I choose to be more of who I’m meant to be in this world?" Some of us listen to that inner voice and go for it, and others of us (for one reason or another) either ignore it, try to squelch it, or rationalize it away…yet it rears its head back to the surface and calls for your attention.  Maruxa Murphy and Michael Tertes discuss how to bring more of who you are to life.  During this episode, you will learn: The reasons why you may be feeling stuck year after year How to break free and get clear on how to bring your superhero powers into this world What do you do if you feel stuck in the body

  • #027: Facing the Fears of What’s Possible
    #027: Facing the Fears of What’s Possible
    Duração: 54min | 14/10/2014

    If you've been trying to get from having a dream to taking the steps towards making that dream a reality, and you realize what you're most afraid of is the possiblity that you will be successful and happy, then you must listen in to this episode. In today's episode, Maruxa Murphy and guest co-host, Kelly McCausey, share their own stories of facing the fear of success and risk when reality slaps them in the face. You can take the lessons they learned and apply it to helping you move forward in your own life when you are faced with the reality of your potential! In this episode, you will also learn:  The two ways you may sabotage your success and potential How to take immediate action to break your success sabotaging behaviors What you can do to remember what you want in the midst of your current reality (especially when they look completely different!)  

  • #026 When Dreams and Reality Collide:
    #026 When Dreams and Reality Collide:
    Duração: 36min | 07/10/2014

    Many of us have big dreams and aspirations for our lives, but how many of us actually get to say we've made our dreams our reality? Unfortunately, more people never turn those dreams into reality, and during this episode Maruxa Murphy will tackle this big problem and give you the tools to take your dreams and get you closer to bringing them into life.  During this episode, you will learn:  5 simple steps you can begin to shift from having dreams of what you want to having exactly what you want How to stay the course and accomplish your goals  The 2 proven ways to figure out which opportunity to take to get you closer to your dreams Listen in and get closer to turning your dreams into your reality today. 

  • #025: Rockstar Roundtable on Change
    #025: Rockstar Roundtable on Change
    Duração: 01h14min | 30/09/2014

    Therese Sparby and guest co-facilitator Faydra Koenig dig into new perspectives on the topic of change with our two Rockstars this month.  Pam Stegman and Sara Lebens have faced everything from leaving a great job, to corporate change, to extreme shifts in family dynamics. Listen in to see how they not only survived these changes but thrived during them... and what they do when they have a bad day.

  • #024: A Panic Attack To Happiness: The Reality of Change
    #024: A Panic Attack To Happiness: The Reality of Change
    Duração: 32min | 23/09/2014

    Want to know what you and everyone else are thinking about and saying about change? ... Then THIS is your episode!

  • #023: Making Change your BFF
    #023: Making 'Change' your BFF
    Duração: 34min | 16/09/2014

    Change does not have to be hard and painfull! Listen to this episode for tips and tricks to make living life in flow easier... and how to get out of feeling like a victim to your circumstances.

  • #022: Change Is A Four Letter Word
    #022: Change Is A Four Letter Word
    Duração: 44min | 09/09/2014

    I was never really that good at spelling... or at math for that matter. But the reason that we have titled this week's episode, "Change Is A Four Letter Word," is because the reactions and emotions that the mere thought of change conjures up sometimes resemble the resistance that four letter words inspire. We want to dive in and cover the good, the bad, and the ugly of change.In this week's episode I have two guest co-stars that rock the house with their personal stories and real-life experiences of change.Join us for this dynamic episode where we cover: The large range of emotions that change brings to the surface Two totally different ways that change occurs Why change can be a total drain on your energy The ugly, yucky reality about the discomfort that change can bring As Arnold Bennett says, "Any change, even change for the better, is always acompanied by drawbacks and discomfort." So if you have ever felt frustrated, victimized or discouraged by change... do NOT miss this episode! It is seriously SUPER

  • #021 Change at the Speed of Life
    #021 Change at the Speed of Life
    Duração: 37min | 02/09/2014

    Moving at the speed of life means living in a constant state of the unknown. Things are different today then they were yesterday, there is no doubt about it. What does that mean for you when you are trying to create balance in your life and new dynamics are constantly being created? In this episode, the fantastic Lain Ehmann joins Therese Sparby as they discuss: How prevalent change is, and the impact it has on your life The cost of resisting or avoiding change What change and hemorrhoids have in common How to ride the wave of change with ease Maruxa is out on maternity leave for the month of September and will be back again in October :-)

  • #020 Rockstar Roundtable on Decision Making
    #020 Rockstar Roundtable on Decision Making
    Duração: 57min | 26/08/2014

    Making decisions is something you are faced with EVERY day... as a matter of fact.... it can be every MOMENT of every day. Wether or not you sleep well at night, have energy for living the kind of life you want, regret what you have chosen, and if you feel like a victim to your circumstances are ALL impacted by how you make decisions.This week Kelly McCausey, Bob Jenkins and Michele Scism join Therese to discuss their secrets to being rock star decision makers!During this episode, you will discover: The best way to make decisions easy How to avoid making simple decisions into something that is challenging and hard How to know when you have made the wrong decision and what to do next Why it is imperative that you make decisions that make you happy, and bring you joy How to trust yourself even when you are faced with making complex decisions Want to know more about the awesome guests sharing their wisdom with you today and how to connect with them? Visit the website at IWantWhatYoureHaving.com/020.While you a

  • #019 What is Your Agenda?
    #019 What is Your Agenda?
    Duração: 34min | 19/08/2014

    If you know what you want, making a decision is pretty simple. However, we often struggle with decision making because we haven’t given ourselves permission to WANT, like really want something and let the world know what we want. In this episode, Therese and Maruxa dive into the question, “What do you really want?” and begin to engage you in exercises to get clear on what you want so you can make decisions that help you have more of what you want.

  • #018 Escaping the Indecision Trap
    #018 Escaping the Indecision Trap
    Duração: 30min | 12/08/2014

    Clearing space to make the right decision for you to get more of what you want can seem like a daunting task. However, decision making can actually be easy, if you allow it to be an easy and simple process. During this episode, Maruxa and Therese discuss the factors that make decision making much easier to do than we all normally do. Indecision does not have to be your norm anymore, and Therese and Maruxa will break down how you can begin making this shift in your life today. 

  • #017 Decision Making Made Easy
    #017 Decision Making Made Easy
    Duração: 33min | 05/08/2014

    Decision making can either feel simple or extremely difficult. How do you know when you’re making a decision that feels good and leaves you knowing that you made the right decision? Therese and Maruxa discuss how to know when a decision feels right to you and when you can feel assured that you can know that the decision you made is the best one for where you are in life right now. 

  • #016 Rockstar Roundtable: Authentic Leadership In Action
    #016 Rockstar Roundtable: Authentic Leadership In Action
    Duração: 01h14min | 29/07/2014

    On this episode, Therese Sparby and Maruxa Murphy interview two phenomenal examples of leaders living out their calling. Indrani Goradia of the Indrani's Light Foundation and Brian Bagnall, author of The Happiness Bible, share their insights on how to live and lead from their essence and authenticity. They share their mistakes and challenges as well as how they make this an intentional part of how they interact with others on a daily basis.    On this episode, you will learn:    How to lean into your own awareness of how to lead authentically How to consistently know what is needed next as the leader The biggest challenges you will likely face when choosing to live out your life and leadership authentically How to create more good simply because you are influencing others to action How to be in the spotlight and get more comfortable with your leadership

  • #015 When Being a Leader Becomes Dangerous
    #015 When Being a Leader Becomes Dangerous
    Duração: 35min | 22/07/2014

    “Leadership is Influence.” John Maxwell is right on target when he made this statement on what exactly leadership is and does. However, often leaders do not know when their leadership’s influence begins to take a toll on their effectiveness. On this episode, Therese Sparby and Maruxa Murphy uncover the 3 biggest reasons impactful leaders “fall from grace” and begin to stop creating the impact they were meant to have on this world.  During this episode, you will learn:  How to guard yourself from the slippery slope into dangerous leadership How to prepare for possible challenges when you lead from your true essence The more accurate definition of “humility” and why this is one of the most important words to live out in your leadership The critical step you can take to ensure you are living out your influence wholeheartedly The #1 thing you cannot ignore when it comes to living out your calling

  • #014 The Power of Personal Leadership
    #014 The Power of Personal Leadership
    Duração: 23min | 15/07/2014

    What if you truly saw yourself as a leader? How would that shape and impact your current life and your next steps? In this episode, Maruxa and Therese discuss the power of your own personal leadership in your own life and how it impacts so many others, whether or not your are in an “official” position of leadership today. Join Therese and Maruxa as they uncover the power behind YOUR own greatness and impact on this world. 

  • #013: Epidemic of the Mini-Me IWWYH
    #013: Epidemic of the Mini-Me IWWYH
    Duração: 23min | 08/07/2014

    Have you ever followed a leader only to be led down a path you are not comfortable with or know isn’t for you? Leadership is influence and it is critical to spend time with influencers who impact your life for the better. During this episode, you will learn:    Why it is important to get out of the grasp of leaders leading you down the wrong path   How to value and honor your intuition on what you need from a leader   How to recognize when you’re following a leader that can harm your next steps   Join Maruxa Murphy and Therese Sparby as they dig into this epidemic of following leaders, coaches and gurus that aren’t in your best interest, and how to shift away from this and find leaders that can lead you into being the YOU you want to become!

  • #012 Leadership Styles That Work IWWYH
    #012 Leadership Styles That Work IWWYH
    Duração: 27min | 01/07/2014

    Leaders sometimes feel like they have to fit a “one size fits all” box to how leading others is supposed to look and act. The problem is that this leads those in leadership to act without thinking about whether or not what they are doing is connected to their own authentic leadership style. As you will learn during this podcast, it is more than learning positive leadership techniques or whether or not you have a negative leadership style, it is much more about owning your own unique style of leadership. Find out on this podcast with Therese Sparby and Maruxa Murphy how to be called into the leadership that is compelling, calls your strengths forth and gets others saying, “I Want What You’re Having” about you!

  • #011 Rockstar Roundtable: Living the Power of Community
    #011 Rockstar Roundtable: Living the Power of Community
    Duração: 01h10min | 24/06/2014

    There's nothing more powerful to talk about the power of community than actually living it out loud! Maruxa and Therese are bringing you 4 amazing everyday individuals who have used the power of community to share a passion, a cause, and grow businesses organically.

  • #010 Feedback: How to Get and Give Feedback and Do More Than Survive
    #010 Feedback: How to Get and Give Feedback and Do More Than Survive
    Duração: 30min | 17/06/2014

    Stop being nice and start telling those you love what they need to hear and not what they want to hear! Therese and Maruxa chat about why getting and giving honest feedback is so imprtatnt to supporing those you love while also creating more of what you want.  In today's episode, you'll discover: The true definition of feedback - what it really is and is not How to give tough feedback and still come out feeling like a winner Why "constructive criticism" isn't working - and how to change this fast How to revolutionize the way you think about feedback and use it to genuinely love this word Visit http://www.iwantwhatyourehaving.com/010 for home-fun assignments and to leave comments as a part of this conversation!  

  • #009 The Power of Community IWWYH
    #009 The Power of Community IWWYH
    Duração: 36min | 10/06/2014

    In a world consumed with connecting online through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks, our world today is more lonely than ever before. During this episode, you'll discover how to connect online and in person in such a way that you find more joy and happiness after you connect with others.

  • #008 The Community Conundrum
    #008 The Community Conundrum
    Duração: 33min | 03/06/2014

    How can you create a life that feels empowering, alive, and challenges you to be more of who you were created to be? Today's episode digs into how your community can impact your ability to make change and live a life you love.  In this episode, you will learn: - How to build a community that feels good to you - What community actually is and what it is not- What to do when you’ve been burned by community in the past and don’t trust that this is a “good” thing

  • #007 Authenticity Rock-Star Roundtable
    #007 Authenticity Rock-Star Roundtable
    Duração: 01h08min | 27/05/2014

    Faydra Koenig, David Gonzales, and Anni Boyum share there secrets about authenticity and how they create lives that leave others saying, "I Want What You're Having!" Listen in as Therese and Maruxa get curious about the wisdom these three have to share and as fantastic stories and real-life examples are vulnerably shared.    There is just nothing better than getting real with really cool people.

  • #006 Physical Authenticity IWWYH
    #006 Physical Authenticity IWWYH
    Duração: 25min | 20/05/2014

    Authentic leadership can show up when you are aware of what it feels like to be authentic and when it does not. Learn how to know when your body is feeling something authentically versus when you are trying to impress or please others. In this episode, Therese and Maruxa talk about how to tune into and leverage this powerful tool, so that you can identify what you want from your heart, and trust your instincts. And for what it's worth, stick around until the end for an extra bit of fun! :-)

  • #005 Be Irresistible IWWYH
    #005 Be Irresistible IWWYH
    Duração: 36min | 13/05/2014

    Authenticity can be difficult when there are patterns that run us without our knowing... In this episode of "I Want What You're Having", Therese and Maruxa talk about what it takes to uncover those patterns and be more you than ever while magnetically drawing frinds and clients to you! Join Therese and Maruxa as they dig into and demonstrate the power of authenticity!  

  • #004 STOP Trying to Win Friends and Influence People IWWYH
    #004 STOP Trying to Win Friends and Influence People IWWYH
    Duração: 32min | 06/05/2014

    TRYING to win friends and influence people may be the EXACT reason you are not getting more of what you want. Listen in as Maruxa Murphy and Therese Sparby unpack why trying hard to make people like you actually hurts your ability to find happiness and success in the long run. This is a discussion around the fantastic book written by Dale Carnegie - and many of the principles that he discusses in the book are guidelines and pointers of ways to be authentic and naturally magnetic... the struggle creaps in when the book and it's principles are used as ways to manipulate people and TRY to get them to like you.

  • #003: Stop Asking Why Does Everything Happen to Me? IWWYH
    #003: Stop Asking 'Why Does Everything Happen to Me?' IWWYH
    Duração: 35min | 28/04/2014

    Get Out of Your Own Way: How to Stop Letting Your Circumstances Stop You. Have you ever felt like the cards have been stacked against you? In this episode we talk about how to get what you want in your life no matter what is going on around you. If you have ever felt like a victim of your circumstances this simple 4 step process will help you keep the BALL in your court so you can keep aiming for and creating what you want.

  • #002: What Do You Want? Get Clear Once and For All IWWYH
    #002: What Do You Want? Get Clear Once and For All IWWYH
    Duração: 37min | 28/04/2014

    Getting clarity on what you're looking for in your life is critical to creating a life you love. Join Therese and Maruxa as they discuss one simple way to create more of what you want in your life.

  • #001: I Want What Youre Having! - Welcome IWWYH
    #001: I Want What You're Having! - Welcome IWWYH
    Duração: 24min | 28/04/2014

    By being more you, and getting out of your own way, you can leave your clients, colleagues, friends, and family members saying, "I Want What You're Having!" In this kickoff episode, Maruxa and Therese outline a few simple guidelines to live life by that will support you in getting the most out of listening to this podcast... and even more importantly... getting what you want out of life. You also get a sneak peak into why this podcast was created and just who Therese and Maruxa really are.