Living Water Podcast

Living Water Podcast


Living Water in Sioux Falls, SD in a missional, Reformed church plant, a member of the Presbyterian Church in America.

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  • The Way You Learned Christ
    The Way You Learned Christ
    Duração: 46min | 09/05/2011
  • Equipping the Saints
    Equipping the Saints
    Duração: 33min | 01/05/2011

    Set free by Christ ... and now it's time to grow up.

  • Truth, Irony, Death, and Resurrection
    Truth, Irony, Death, and Resurrection
    Duração: 32min | 24/04/2011
  • Enter in Triumph
    Enter in Triumph
    Duração: 32min | 17/04/2011
  • For This Reason
    For This Reason
    Duração: 34min | 11/04/2011
  • Until He Comes Again
    Until He Comes Again
    Duração: 36min | 03/04/2011
  • The Mystery Revealed
    The Mystery Revealed
    Duração: 34min | 27/03/2011
  • He is Our Peace
    He is Our Peace
    Duração: 32min | 20/03/2011
  • The Handwriting on the Wall
    The Handwriting on the Wall
    Duração: 27min | 13/03/2011
  • Children of God in Christ
    Children of God in Christ
    Duração: 32min | 06/03/2011

    What does it mean to be adopted in Christ?

  • Dead in Sin, Alive in Christ
    Dead in Sin, Alive in Christ
    Duração: 36min | 13/02/2011
  • All Things in Christ
    All Things in Christ
    Duração: 39min | 06/02/2011
  • Praying for Our Missionaries
    Praying for Our Missionaries
    Duração: 25min | 31/01/2011
  • A Memorial Forever
    A Memorial Forever
    Duração: 31min | 23/01/2011
  • The Glory of Jesus
    The Glory of Jesus
    Duração: 29min | 16/01/2011
  • Find Whats Missing
    Find What's Missing
    Duração: 23min | 09/01/2011
  • Get Some Perspective
    Get Some Perspective
    Duração: 39min | 02/01/2011
  • The Announcement of the Messiahs Arrival
    The Announcement of the Messiah's Arrival
    Duração: 27min | 26/12/2010

    Angels herald the birth of Christ.

  • The Horn of Salvation
    The Horn of Salvation
    Duração: 33min | 19/12/2010

    Both Mary and Zechariah offer considered responses to Gabriel's announcements

  • Nothing Will Be Impossible
    Nothing Will Be Impossible
    Duração: 38min | 05/12/2010

    The birth of Christ is announced to Mary.

  • The Unexpected Visitor
    The Unexpected Visitor
    Duração: 01h03min | 28/11/2010

    A priest enters the temple to find the angel Gabriel waiting there.

  • Standing with God
    Standing with God
    Duração: 32min | 21/11/2010

    Choose you this day whom you will serve!

  • God Sends Chariots of Fire
    God Sends Chariots of Fire
    Duração: 43min | 14/11/2010

    Elijah is taken up in a whirlwind, to reappear at the transfiguration.

  • God Guides an Arrow
    God Guides an Arrow
    Duração: 38min | 07/11/2010

    There's no hiding from God's judgment.

  • Joshua
    Duração: 33min | 31/10/2010
  • God Intercepts a King
    God Intercepts a King
    Duração: 38min | 24/10/2010

    Ahab takes possession of a vineyard, only to find judgment waiting there.

  • Manasseh Repents
    Manasseh Repents
    Duração: 41min | 17/10/2010

    Despite repentance, there remains a penalty for Manasseh's sin

  • God Works in Time
    God Works in Time
    Duração: 37min | 10/10/2010

    The words of Elijah fulfilled by the sword of Jehu

  • God Preserves His People
    God Preserves His People
    Duração: 37min | 03/10/2010

    God supports Elijah and preserves 7,000 faithful servants.

  • The Church
    The Church
    Duração: 59min | 26/09/2010

    The Church is a "called out" body.

  • Grace+Walk
    Duração: 27min | 19/09/2010

    John the Baptist, like Moses and Elijah, walked the walk

  • God Sends the Fire
    God Sends the Fire
    Duração: 35min | 12/09/2010

    With fire from heaven, God turns the people's heart back to him.

  • God Stops the Rain
    God Stops the Rain
    Duração: 38min | 05/09/2010

    Miracles of providence in the life of the prophet Elijah

  • Let Your Kingdom Come!
    Let Your Kingdom Come!
    Duração: 33min | 29/08/2010

    When will the Kingdom come, and what will it be like?

  • Jesus and the Works of God
    Jesus and the Works of God
    Duração: 40min | 22/08/2010

    An Old Testament tension resolved by New Testament revelation

  • The Reason for the Treason
    The Reason for the Treason
    Duração: 44min | 15/08/2010

    Why did Jonah run? He feared God's ... mercy.

  • Arise, Call Out To Your God!
    Arise, Call Out To Your God!
    Duração: 37min | 01/08/2010

    What would it take for you to arise and call out?

  • The Two Lost Sons
    The Two Lost Sons
    Duração: 47min | 25/07/2010
  • Shame On You, Shame On Me
    Shame On You, Shame On Me
    Duração: 29min | 18/07/2010
  • Beyond Perception
    Beyond Perception
    Duração: 27min | 11/07/2010

    Are our lives purposeful or meaningless?

  • Did Not Our Hearts Burn Within Us?
    Did Not Our Hearts Burn Within Us?
    Duração: 39min | 04/07/2010

    Is religion a matter of head knowledge or heart knowledge?

  • Get Ready
    Get Ready
    Duração: 34min | 27/06/2010

    When the master comes, will the servants be ready?

  • Thy Will Be Done
    Thy Will Be Done
    Duração: 38min | 20/06/2010

    Can we do more than just resign ourselves to 'thy will be done'?

  • The New Promise
    The New Promise
    Duração: 36min | 13/06/2010

    What makes the new covenant better than the old?

  • The Battle Belongs to the Lord
    The Battle Belongs to the Lord
    Duração: 38min | 06/06/2010

    What role does worship play in God's plan?

  • To the Empty, Be Filled
    To the Empty, Be Filled
    Duração: 32min | 30/05/2010

    How can empty people become God's fullness?

  • The Ministry of Reconciliation
    The Ministry of Reconciliation
    Duração: 41min | 23/05/2010

    What are the roadblocks to reconciliation?