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New Shows, new format, coming Summer 2015! Real Food Real Talk was born out of countless conversations between Ray and Jacqueline revolving around their love of food and all that goes along with it. From gardening and sustainability, to food justice and natural food products, their interests and tastes range the full spectrum of the food world. Based in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, the show focuses on local issues, businesses, and puts you in touch with the food stories of the day. Real Food Real Talk tells this story through creative interviews with foodies, advocates, chefs, brewers, farmers, fermenters, restaurateurs, and just about anyone who is doing something impactful in the food world. We believe that these conversations will help to cultivate a love of food and a greater understanding of where it comes from, laying the groundwork for meaningful changes in our food system. By creating a space for information to be shared, we can further elevate the voices of the incredible group of people working to develop a sustainable, equitable food system.

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  • 14: Ferment To Be
    14: Ferment To Be
    Duração: 40min | 05/09/2014

    Fermentation y’all! A way to preserve food over a long cold season. A source of amazing nutrients and probiotics for your body. An expression of culture and identity. An action we can take in the steps towards reclaiming our food system. Oh, and it’s also really tasty! Amanda Feifer of sat down with Jaq to share her rich experiences navigating the world of fermentation. Learn what it is, why you would want to do it, and how you would go about making your own tasty fermented creation. Come explore the wondrous art of fermentation with us!  

  • 13: Quick Bites: Ask An Animal Rights Activist
    13: Quick Bites: Ask An Animal Rights Activist
    Duração: 07min | 28/08/2014

    Quick Bites is a new series giving you a behind the scenes listen to our guests talking candidly with Host Jaq Gleason. Interesting questions, quick answers, and a whole lot of laughter. This episode features Paul Shapiro, Vice President of Farm Animal Protection for the Humane Society of the United States. Jaq interviewed him as part of our upcoming in-depth podcast on sustainable meat. Enjoy this little taste and remember, food worth eating is worth discussing.

  • 12: Corporate Control Over Natural Brands  How it Affects You
    12: Corporate Control Over Natural Brands & How it Affects You
    Duração: 17min | 14/08/2014

    Food labels are the cause of much debate these days, especially when trying to understand what they are actually trying to convey to us, the consumers. In this episode we explore the term natural—what we think it means and how that’s been co-opted by the last two decades of corporate takes overs of small natural food companies. Clarissa Leon, Food Editor of, joins us to share her thoughts on this trend, as well as the details of a recent lawsuit against Kashi and Kellogg over their use of the natural label and what this could mean for other food processors.

  • 11: Urban Wine Making: A Womans Perspective
    11: Urban Wine Making: A Woman's Perspective
    Duração: 22min | 31/07/2014

    Urban winery doesn’t exactly bring to mind the idyllic country side complete with endless hillsides of sun drenched grape vines. But there is something special happening within the enclaves of our cities. People are working hard to bring you delicious fermented fruits with all the skill of an estate winery, sans the pretensions. Despite women graduating with almost half of the enology degrees at UC Davis and purchasing near three quarters of the wine in the United States, they only make up 10% of the actual winemakers. We sat down with Shauna Rosenblum of Rock Wall Wine Company who is putting out some award winning wines from an old airplane hanger in Alameda, California. We explored what it’s like to be a woman in a field dominated by men, why urban wine-making is so awesome, and learned all about the Urban Wine Experience event taking place this weekend in Oakland. Join us to get a little local wine flavor!    

  • 10: Home Cooking Your Way To Your Own Food Business
    10: Home Cooking Your Way To Your Own Food Business
    Duração: 38min | 28/03/2014

    Have you ever been told, “Your bread is fantastic, you should sell it!” Or maybe you’re interested in starting a small business out of your home as a way to generate a little extra cash. Perhaps you are already doing this, but you’re not really sure if it’s legal. Good news, it probably is. Over 30 states have recently passed laws allowing food made in the home to be sold to the public. These are commonly referred to as cottage food laws, but in California it is known as the Homemade Food Act of 2012. There are many people working to transform our food system into something more equitable and sustainable. The Homemade Food Act provides an opportunity to do just that. We spoke with a number of different people within the cottage food movement to hear their stories.

  • 09: Using a food business to fund non-profits: solidariTEA
    09: Using a food business to fund non-profits: solidariTEA
    Duração: 26min | 27/02/2014

    Food, justice, and the entrepreneurial spirit find their full expression with SolidariTEA. This Bay Area based organization is dedicated to supporting the efforts of local non profits through the sale of a delicious and healthful beverage. They've created a new, sustainable model to address the funding challenges facing non profits today, and are partnering with People's Grocery and the Rock Paper Scissor Collective in Oakland. And of course, SolidariTEA is also a tasty addition to your grocery shelf! Jaq spoke with Co-Founder and Product Manager Trey Jalbert about SolidariTEA's philosophy, which is exemplified in who they partner with, where their tea comes from and how its made.  

  • 08: Raw Milk Revealed
    08: Raw Milk Revealed
    Duração: 49min | 16/01/2014

    Know your farmer know your food, eat local, eat real, you've heard this story for awhile now. But what about real milk? Raw milk activists have been pushing for years for the right to produce and sell raw milk to the public. The FDA and many public health officials warn that it is an extremely harmful product, particularly for children. Yet others believe that it is a key component of eating a healthy, whole foods diet. Here's a story that highlights the ongoing struggle to redefine our food system to reflect the health needs of the people and the environment. Raw Milk Revealed in episode #8.

  • 07: The Free Farm Stand: A History
    07: The Free Farm Stand: A History
    Duração: 36min | 12/12/2013

    On Episode #7 we learn about all the amazing works of Tree & the folks at The Free Farm Stand in San Francisco & we get some restaurant tips from Geneva Europa, Co-Owner of Savor Oakland Food Tours. Free Farm Stand: Like: Website:   Savor Oakland: Follow: @SavorOakland Website: Savor Oakland Tumblr: savoroakland.tumblr.comThe post 07: The Free Farm Stand: A History appeared first on Real Food Real Talk.

  • 06: Giving thanks, with a twist
    06: Giving thanks, with a twist
    Duração: 27min | 25/11/2013

    Our Thanksgiving Special features turkey carving tips from 4505 Meats' Head Butcher Thomas McEntee, Pastry Chef Jessica Entzel's spin on the Thanksgiving classic pecan pie, & we talk food waste recovery with Food Runner's Founder Mary Risely. Food Runners: Website: Food Runners Donate Volunteer 4505 Meats: Follow: @4505meats Website: 4505 Meats Like: Pastry Chef, Jessica Entzel's: Orange Pecan Pie Tarts > Tart filling 3/4 Stick butter 1 1/4 cup brown sugar 1/4 c molasses 1/4c maple syrup 1/4c agave nectar 2 tsp Orange liqueur 1 tsp orange zest 1/4 tsp salt 3 large eggs 2 cups pecans (or any other nut!The post 06: Giving thanks, with a twist appeared first on Real Food Real Talk.

  • 05: Making Impact – Conversations with a Food Activist
    05: Making Impact – Conversations with a Food Activist
    Duração: 45min | 15/11/2013

    From permaculture and food as medicine, to art and technology, we talk the many facets of food justice with Food Activist and Impact Hub Oakland's Co-Founder Ashara Ekundayo. Dehydration as a method of preservation that can be delicious and addicting, Randall Hughes of Oaktown Jerk shares his delicious methods with us. Where can you get tasty food, a great beer selection and some spicy Cajun Po'Boys? Well, probably lots of places, but East Bay Express Restaurant Critic Luke Tsai gives us the goods on some prime spots in the East Bay.The post 05: Making Impact - Conversations with a Food Activist appeared first on Real Food Real Talk.

  • 04: How far do you go for Groceries? Food Deserts in the U.S.
    04: How far do you go for Groceries? Food Deserts in the U.S.
    Duração: 41min | 31/10/2013

    25 million people in the U.S. live in food deserts, Mandela Marketplace tells us about how they are rectifying that in West Oakland. Olive oil is at the top of the list for food fraud. What's in your Olive Oil? 4th generation farmer Jonathan Sciabica explains & a delicious soup recipe from San Francisco native & food blogger Tara Condell. Chorizo Lentil Soup recipe on this episode: Food and Other Things Info about Food Deserts:

  • 03: I want Fresh Juice!
    03: I want Fresh Juice!
    Duração: 26min | 18/10/2013

    On this week's show we talk taco trucks in Oakland's Fruitvale district with Berkeleyside NOSH's Kate Williams. From fresh in a bottle, to juice bars, & making your own at home, owner of Sow Juice Luisa Alberto talks us through it.  The people who feed us can't feed themselves; Jaq breaks down food worker wages in the United States. Fruitvale Taco spots mentioned on the show: Guadalajara Taco Truck 44th Ave and International Blvd Oakland, CA 94620 Neighborhood: East Oakland Taco Grill 3340 E 12th St # 11 Oakland, CA 94601 Mariscos Sinaloa 2138 International Blvd Oakland, CA 94601 Pipirin Taco Stand 34th Ave & Farnam St Oakland, CA 94620 Kate's Full Review & List: BerkeleysideNosh Stay up to date with Sow Juice: Website: Follow: @sowsf Like: The people who feed you, can’t feed themselves.The post 03: I want Fresh Juice! appeared first on Real Food Real Talk.

  • 02: Waste not, Want not
    02: Waste not, Want not
    Duração: 37min | 03/10/2013

    On this weeks show we talk Granola, San Franola Granola that is, Roaster & Co Founder Matt Teichmann joins us. Did you know 40% of the food we produce in the US is thrown away? We talk creative solutions to tackle this problem with Food Shift Executive Director Dana Frasz, & Eastbay Express Restaurant Critic Luke Tsai fills us in on where to get our grub on in the Eastbay. 00.51 Eastbay Express Restaurant Critic, Luke Tsai 6:43 San Franola Granola, Matt Teichmann  17:45 Food Shift, Executive Director Dana Frasz Restaurants mentioned on the show: - Tian Jin Dumplings 989 Franklin St Ste B (between 11th St & 10th St) Oakland, CA 94607 Luke's Review - Lucky Three Seven 2868 Fruitvale Ave (at Brookdale Ave) Oakland, CA 94602 Luke's Review For more information about the quarterly Food Summit that San Franola Granola Hosts: Email: Website: Like: Follow: @sanfranolaco Get involved with Food Shift: Volunteer:

  • 01: Inaugural Episode – Eat Real Festival 2013
    01: Inaugural Episode – Eat Real Festival 2013
    Duração: 42min | 19/09/2013

    Vegan food, from catering to Food Truck, Hella Vegan Eats Co-Founder Sylvee Esquivel takes us on their journey.   Kombucha in a can? House Kombucha Owner Rana Lehmer Chang discusses. Let's celebrate it all and more at the Eat Real Festival, Executive Director Marcy Coburn guides us through this spectacular food event!The post 01: Inaugural Episode - Eat Real Festival 2013 appeared first on Real Food Real Talk.

  • 00: About the Show
    00: About the Show
    Duração: 01min | 08/07/2013

    Episode 00: The Real Food Real Talk Podcast. Coming to iTunes and Stitcher Radio Thursday, September 19th 2013. Learn what the show is about! Learn more About Us & the show. The post 00: About the Show appeared first on Real Food Real Talk.