The Juice With Eyejee

The Juice With Eyejee


Hosted by EyeJee this show focuses on great music from Christian artists as well as providing a fresh perspective on topics that evoke real conversation

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  • JudgeMent
    Duração: 01h01min | 13/07/2013

    This  Episode is dedicated to What the Bible says about Judging,  i have seen the Church and society as a whole go down  an immoral path. This is in largeto the church and  a misinterpretation of what the Bible says about Judgement. Included in the Discussion will be JacRip and K. Cooks. JacRip is a Christian Hip hop Artists, and K. Cooks is a HIp Hop artist that  is a christian  first.

  • SWAGGA Radio
    SWAGGA Radio
    Duração: 01h25min | 06/08/2011

    Episode 2 of the Return of SWAGGA Radio Much more good Music and Truth coming  from the host and callers

  • Swagga Radio Returns
    Swagga Radio Returns
    Duração: 02h01min | 30/07/2011

    the first show back after a hiatus, Ian Rahsaan aka Church Boi Fresh comes back to the air waves witha new format.  MUch more music chirstian hip hop and rhythm and praise. Plus a SWAGGA Question of the day

  • Taking a Leap Of Faith Towards Your Destiny
    Taking a Leap Of Faith Towards Your Destiny
    Duração: 01h01min | 25/06/2011

    Shaneik and Ian will be discussing Just taking that Leap  and relying on God to help  an individual get to where their life is destined to go, As an individual each one of us needs to ask ourselves what  would we do with our life if we knew we couldnt fail. Failure and Doubt is a key ingredient that hinders us from reaching out goals, we are so worried about this two things alot of times we do not even take that first step.

  • Get off the Fence
    Get off the Fence
    Duração: 01h01min | 18/06/2011

    this show is dedicated to trying to help people  that struggle with being mediocre christians, you know when you need that push just to Go a little Harder for God. We as christians really need to stop serving God and Man and just let God take control. Also Apostle Ikem Grigsby Comes thru and blesses us with stories and Testimonies about his trip to Ghana and Kenya

  • The Art Of Courtship
    The Art Of Courtship
    Duração: 57min | 04/06/2011

    In Today's society courtship is something that is vastly missing. So we wanted to teach people what it actually is and why is it so important to stay in the Will of God while  you are dating. How Courtship can help you grow as a person and how using its tool can  help influence family life.

  • To Shack or Not to Shack
    To Shack or Not to Shack
    Duração: 01h01min | 28/05/2011

    Shaneik and Ian will discuss Shacking up as a christian or a non christain and its reprecussions, will provide scripture and different scenarios, also  the Breakdown Segment as well as Whats Hot in the News

  • I Cant Quit
    I Can't Quit
    Duração: 01h01min | 21/05/2011

    This show is dedicated to getting  you thru Rough Pacthes that  you will encounter in your day to day life, we will provide scripture and tips to  help an individual defeat satan when  you come to the point where  you feel like you just want to walk away, but  you know  that you cant. No Quitters in Gods Kingdom of course this show is based on Phillipians 4:13

  • R.I.C.H. BOYS
    R.I.C.H. BOYS
    Duração: 58min | 07/05/2011

    Hailing out of Queens NY are The R.I.C.H Boys, a group of three young men that are passionate about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the world. Founded under the Rich Records label in 2009 there is something really exceptional about this group. Their devotion and complete regard for the Lord is the foundation for their creative lyrics. Edgy mindblowing material full of East Coast swagger is what to expect when listening to these three. Their music is high energy street hip-hop which keeps it nothing but real. Upon surrendering their lives to Christ, they each decided to live as examples for the youth of today. They go above and beyond to live right at an age where there is so much peer pressure and negative activity going on around them. On and off the stage they strive to ensure that their actions are acceptable in the sight of the Lord, and an example to young people everywhere. The common interest of music and unsurpassed love for God is what brought Brian, Denzel and Travis together. They spend a

  • Alex Bowens
    Alex Bowens
    Duração: 01h21min | 30/04/2011

    Alex Bowens  Christian Rap Artist out of baltimore Maryland will be in the building to tell his story, and what drives him to Give us nothing but Truth in his music while u wait  you can check him out on,  we will also bediscussing topics like the Royal Wedding, the NFL Lockout and Donald Trump

  • JacRip
    Duração: 01h01min | 23/04/2011

    Darnell Jackson “Jac Rip” One of the most innovative sounds in music today comes not from a pre-packaged formula, or a contest winner or a marquee name but from an artist that is stirring up an incredible buzz locally and statewide. Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, this artist’s story begins like many others; rife with the temptation and struggle of the inner city. Yet the story Is not tanted by the typical stress and strife of “I had to sell drugs to make it out” that has become all too common. Instead, his pen became his religion, his muse, his salvation and his first album fittingly titled “The Diary” was the object of this release. The obvious and compelling writ of a soul saved by music has not only thrusted J.R into the fast lane but also with the backing of fellow artists on his self founded label, Baby Mob Entertainment, Jac Rips intentions to rock the nation have and are already being realized. With thought provoking heady lyrics, seamless production, and an emotive, inviting delivery from his r

  • Richie Righteous
    Richie Righteous
    Duração: 01h26min | 16/04/2011

    Richie Righteous is a minister who God has used to touch the lives of people all over the world. He has traveled to over 80 cities and 8 countries, and has ministered in places like the Potter's House and Bishop Paul Morton's Full Gospel conference. He has also been featured on projects such as The Bible Experience (which features Denzel Washington, T.D. Jakes and many more) and American Bible Society's Elementz of Life magazine and CD. This dynamic ministry is in demand by churches and organizations to reach this generation. Lives are truly touched and changed. His Story....Held at gunpoint with thieves rummaging through their house, Richie experienced a world where people are harsh. His newborn sister's life was threatened and his father's life was endangered by thieves who believed that his father being a Pastor, would have much wealth. They were mistaken for they only left with his parents' wedding rings. That night Richie saw the world through the eyes of a seven-year-old. In one night he felt fear, terr

  • Without a Test there is No Testimony
    Without a Test there is No Testimony
    Duração: 01h01min | 09/04/2011

    This show is dedicated to testifying, Ian and Shaneik tell there stories of where they come froma nd what they have been thru to come to the point where God is everything in there Lives

  • Financial Stewardship/Celibacy
    Financial Stewardship/Celibacy
    Duração: 02h01min | 02/04/2011

    Yes there will be 2 topics this week as we discuss handling your finances and getting out of Debt with special Guest First Lady Connie Best she will help christians with strategies for getting out of debt as well and budgeting your money, The 2nd topic is Celibacy and how to stay strong and cope during your christian walk so many young women and men struggle with this one thing so we come in to help u get thru those period

  • Waiting On God
    Waiting On God
    Duração: 01h01min | 20/03/2011

    This is for the single people out there, what to do while you are waiting on your mate, and why is is so important to Put God at the forefront/foundation of any relationship you get into, so if you are out there dating please tune in

  • Can You be Homosexual and A Christian
    Can You be Homosexual and A Christian
    Duração: 01h01min | 13/03/2011

    We discuss on this episode homosexuality and being a christian, is it truly possible to be both, with the bible only having a total of 6 scriptures that speak about this and the many different opinions from society this a big issue in the body of Christ, show is simiar to Our America Episode titled Pray the Gay AWay

  • Throw the First Stone Part 2
    Throw the First Stone Part 2
    Duração: 01h01min | 07/03/2011

    speaking about Dissention in the Church and what causes it, this is part 2 of this conversation

  • Throw the First Stone
    Throw the First Stone
    Duração: 01h01min | 28/02/2011

    this episode is about dissention amongst the Body of Christ, have really notice there is a break between the New Age and Traditional members its something that really needs to be addressed your methods may be different than mine but it all piints to the Cross

  • True Love
    True Love
    Duração: 01h00s | 21/02/2011

    In this episode we describe the True Love Of God, with a Special Guest Shaniek Isaac, She is a christian Playwright as well as singer. We want to discuss How Gods Love can be equated to your life and your relationships.

  • Guard Your Heart
    Guard Your Heart
    Duração: 01h00s | 14/02/2011

    The Two Brothers Pastor Ikem and G-Starr go in on what needs to be done in todays society to protect your heart your ears and your spirit from the ills of the entertainment industry. In a day and time when alot of our children are being molded by what they hear and see from the music industry, we want to let people know what the bible says