Real Weight Loss

Real Weight Loss


Check out my new weight loss website: Skinny Pig Weight Losswww.skinny-pig-weight-loss.comReal information about the process of weight loss, as simple as I can make it. Exploring what really happens during the process of weight loss. What works, what doesn't work, the emotions that arise, and how we can attain our goals.

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  • Episode 10 - Motivation and Reality
    Episode 10 - Motivation and Reality
    Duração: 13min | 30/09/2007

    Motivation: Motivation is a key factor in any weight loss journey. Reality: Face the reality of how well you're following your weight loss program. Recipe: Brown rice pilaf.

  • Episode 9 - Plateaus
    Episode 9 - Plateaus
    Duração: 15min | 19/08/2007

    Plateaus -- what they are, why they happen, and what we can do about them.

  • Episode 8 - A Lack of Compassion
    Episode 8 - A Lack of Compassion
    Duração: 12min | 30/07/2007

    Something a little harder to discuss than normal – discrimination against overweight and obese people, and how this affects our lives. Recipe: Homemade french fries.

  • Episode 7 - Lifestyle Change
    Episode 7 - Lifestyle Change
    Duração: 15min | 07/07/2007

    This is one of the big secrets of weight loss: making a change to your lifestyle instead of going on a diet. Recipe: blueberry-banana smoothie!

  • Episode 6 - Hunger
    Episode 6 - Hunger
    Duração: 14min | 30/06/2007

    Hungry? You don't have to be, and you shouldn't be! In this episode, we discover the best ways to eat healthily and stay full while losing weight.

  • Episode 5 - Step 5: Sticking To Your Plan
    Episode 5 - Step 5: Sticking To Your Plan
    Duração: 14min | 24/06/2007

    The last step of weight loss: Sticking To Your Plan. Discussion about common issues that cause people problems with their weight loss – the fact that the scale lies, setbacks, slow weight loss, and quitting altogether. Hopefully this episode will help a little with some thoughts about how to deal with these things and move past them.

  • Episode 4 - Step 4: Beginning to Exercise
    Episode 4 - Step 4: Beginning to Exercise
    Duração: 17min | 17/06/2007

    How to transition from a sedentary lifestyle to a lifestyle that includes exercise and activity. Topics covered: walking, workout DVDs, easing into the gym, and how to lose weight by playing video games! Don't forget to leave a comment in iTunes. It will really help!

  • Episode 3 - Step 3: Making it a Priority
    Episode 3 - Step 3: Making it a Priority
    Duração: 19min | 10/06/2007

    Weight loss is a big project. If you want it to work, you have to make it a priority in life. In this episode, we discuss some common situations that arise in our lives in which we can choose to make weight loss the priority. Also, listener questions from the first two episodes.

  • Episode 2 - Step 2: How to Choose a Plan
    Episode 2 - Step 2: How to Choose a Plan
    Duração: 14min | 03/06/2007

    Following a weight loss plan is important so that you have some help and direction. But which plan to choose? In this episode, I go over what to look for and what to avoid. Included: a hint about which plan actually works.

  • Episode 1 - Intro and Step 1: Making the Decision
    Episode 1 - Intro and Step 1: Making the Decision
    Duração: 17min | 27/05/2007

    In Episode 1, I give a short introduction to this podcast, and then I get into the first step of weight loss, which is Making the Decision. This is the first podcast I've ever put together, and I'd really appreciate any feedback that you'd like to share. You are also very welcome to post any questions you have about what I talk about in this episode, and I'll either respond via the comments or I will answer your question in the next episode. Thanks for listening!