Within A Mile Of Home

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Best mates separated by the Irish Sea, looking for the craic where essentially there is none. No holds barred podcast discussing topics such as current events, mixed martial arts, music, films, weird histories, friendship and life in general.


  • Episode 79 (Boris Johnsons Jocks, Childhood Sandwiches, McGregor v Khabib)

    Episode 79 (Boris Johnson's Jocks, Childhood Sandwiches, McGregor v Khabib)

    30/09/2018 Duração: 02h35min

    The lads are back minus Gav this week for a catch up about all the mad shite going on in the world. This time we discuss everything from Boris Johnson's jocks, to the state of the world, to films and music. A good catchup and some old fashioned toilet humour.