Ta Leme

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This is a weekly radio program that airs every Wednesday from 5pm-6pm on the greek/australian community radio station 3XY (1422am), in Melbourne. This is run by NUGAS (the National Union of Greek Australian Students (VIC)) for the benefit of its members and the greek-australian youth.


  • Ta Leme 4/9/13

    Ta Leme 4/9/13


    ***2013 Election Special*** Hosts: Tass and Fonda. Guests: Jiannis Tsaousis, Sam Sofos, Jade Tyrrell(president of National Union of Students) and …Continue reading →

  • Ta Leme 13/2/13

    Ta Leme 13/2/13


    Ta Leme 13/2/13 In this episode, catchy songs, shock resignations, favourite board games Greece’s Eurovision contenders and plenty of brand new tracks …Continue reading →

  • Ta Leme 6/2/13

    Ta Leme 6/2/13


    Ta Leme 6/2/13 In this episode, cake is out, pants are in, everyone’ s either match-fixing or cheating, the lights …Continue reading →

  • Ta Leme 23/1/13

    Ta Leme 23/1/13


    Ta Leme 23/1/13 In this episode, tennis, Lance Armstrong, Eurovision acts revealed, uni debt analysis by Peter, media changes and …Continue reading →

  • Ta Leme 16/1/13

    Ta Leme 16/1/13


    Ta Leme 16/1/13 In this episode, we talk tennis, Hosts: Jo, Tass and . Music: – Konstantinos Galanos – Ola …Continue reading →

  • Ta Leme 9/1/13

    Ta Leme 9/1/13


    Ta Leme 9/1/13 In this episode, we reflect on the Theofania celebrations and debate tradition v religion. We also announce …Continue reading →

  • Ta Leme 2/1/13

    Ta Leme 2/1/13


    Ta Leme 2/1/13 It’s a brand new year, and with it comes fresh new predictions, interesting holiday stories and new …Continue reading →

  • Ta Leme 19/12/12

    Ta Leme 19/12/12


    Ta Leme 19/12/12 In this episode, Christmas shopping, celebrations and music. Hosts: George, Jo and Tass. Music: – Thanos Petrelis …Continue reading →

  • Ta Leme 14/11/12

    Ta Leme 14/11/12


    Ta Leme 14_11_12 In this episode, the world’s most expensive cheese, eclipse, cuts and high Italians. Along with a full …Continue reading →

  • Ta Leme 7/11/12

    Ta Leme 7/11/12


    Ta Leme 7_11_12 In this episode, fourmoreyears, unusual coffee, a shock on halloween, the abolition of homework, the latest tracks …Continue reading →