Truth Encounter: The Last Week - Rejected In Jerusalem Podcast

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After hard frosts and heavy snows, finally March Madness begins. It brings not only the best show in basketball, but Easter lilies in Wal-Mart and beautiful new dresses on racks for moms to buy for their little girls. Its the triumph of warmth over cold, of tulip blossoms over ugly bulbs, but most of all its the time when more than 2 billion Christians across the globe look back to the events of Passion Week, the Last Week, the time when Jesus was rejected in Jerusalem. . His Last Week on earth began with shouts, Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord! It ended with My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? How could this week in a land hardly the size of New Jersey where a peasant was crucified like thousands of other Jews by the Romans be the climax of all of history?


  • The Graveyard Earthquake That Shakes The World (Matthew 28)

    The Graveyard Earthquake That Shakes The World (Matthew 28)


    The earthquake in Haiti brought death to over 230,000. There was an earthquake in Palestine in AD 33 that brought not death, but life. It's still giving life and the question is—Have you allowed the empty tomb to shake your life?

  • The Anointing, The Betrayal and The Last Supper (Matthew 26:1-35)

    The Anointing, The Betrayal and The Last Supper (Matthew 26:1-35)


    Do you ever feel that the events of your life are spinning out of control? What could be more out of control than a brutal crucifixion, yet two days before Jesus was crucified He was in control. Why? Turn to Matthew 26 and listen as Truth Encounter this week takes us to the Anointing, the Betrayal, and the Last Supper.

  • Heavenly Authority (Matthew 21:23-46)

    Heavenly Authority (Matthew 21:23-46)


    We've all seen movies where in the end someone we believed to be one of the good guys turned out to be the bad guy. Have you ever considered that God uses this plot line in the account of His Son's crucifixion? If I were to ask you, “Who are the good guys—priests and committed students of the God's Law or cheating tax collectors and prostitutes, who would place on the right side?” Who does God choose? Tell your friends in your e-mail address book to join you in listening to this TE study titled Heavenly Authority based on Matthew 21:23-46.

  • The Messianic King Enters His City (Matthew 21:1-22)

    The Messianic King Enters His City (Matthew 21:1-22)


    Can you imagine what would happen to a Muslim prophet if he suddenly started turning things over in the Great Mosque in Mecca and proclaimed that this was his Father's house of prayer? Maybe this will give you some insight into how religious leaders responded when Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey and then claimed lordship over the Temple. Did he or did he not have the authority?