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  • Cara Rosenbaum is Totally Awesome

    Cara Rosenbaum is Totally Awesome


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  • Mark Sonnenblick is Totally Awesome

    Mark Sonnenblick is Totally Awesome


  • Jasmine Lee is Totally Awesome

    Jasmine Lee is Totally Awesome


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  • Adi Kamdar is Totally Awesome

    Adi Kamdar is Totally Awesome


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  • Halsey Niles is Totally Awesome

    Halsey Niles is Totally Awesome


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  • Adam Weinrib is Still Totally Awesome

    Adam Weinrib is Still Totally Awesome


    Why he's awesome: Comedian and overall just a lovable man Comedian and YTA's first-ever guest, Adam Weinrib, joined me for our first phone guest. We learned that he remains faithful to the YTA podcast despite an appearance on the James Fallon show and that he has been writing in Shakespearean prose for his bosses at the sports documentary production company Triple Threat TV (know for their work on ESPN's 30 for 30 series). He gets into his plans for his comedy career, reveals his obscure obsession with performing his sets at fish canneries, and does his best Jack Johnson Waka Flocka "No Hands" impression.Check out more of his musical impressions online on YouTube, and if you're in New York, look out for his shows coming to a fish cannery near you. p.s. Adam and I got rolling on some sports talk at the end of the podcast, which we decided to cut and make into a separate file. If you're interested in hearing our takes on the Dwight Howard to Los Angeles Lakers trade, head over to y

  • Mathew Reiss is Totally Awesome

    Mathew Reiss is Totally Awesome


    Co-developer of Pokemon: Brown University edition Mathew Reiss stopped by the "studio" to update us on the status of his and Sri Sritharan's game. We learned about how a final project from Brown's legendary CS15 course led to Matt's massive undertaking; which Brown celebrities and buildings will be included in the game; and when Matt's once childhood dream of creating video games became a reality. Keep tabs on the official launch date of Pokemon Brown. Sri and Matt are targeting a senior week release (and are almost killing themselves to meet their self-imposed deadline). The Facebook page will be updated with photos and news in the meantime.  If you'd like to share your thoughts, you can email them at's our man in Pokemon-pixelated form. Click play and catch up with the totally awesome, Mathew Reis!Guest: Mathew ReisWhy he's awesome: Co-developer of Pokemon Brown (with Sri Sritharan's)Audio:

  • Stephen Poletto is Totally Awesome

    Stephen Poletto is Totally Awesome


    iPhone App developer and computer science programmer entrepreneur Stephen Poletto dropped by the "studio" to tell us about his various creations, including his newest app SquareQuote. We learned about the advantages of jumping in and creating an app/program; his extremely positive experience working for Apple and affecting millions of people the past two years; and his insomnia-tic/obsessive personality that played into his love for computer science programming. He shared his favorite quote and why he's excited to join Dropbox's team next year. Be on the look out for  SquareQuote's  official release, but in the mean time, check out his last iPhone app Billr ("The quickest way to split a bill and calculate the tip at restauratns and bars."). Also, if you'll be in San Francisco next year, make sure and keep tabs on this guy while he hacks away at Dropbox (they're lucky to have him).That's our man hacking away. Want some of his entrepreneurial spirit to rub off on you

  • Lee Saper is Totally Awesome

    Lee Saper is Totally Awesome


    Mars expert Lee Saper joined YTA to catch us up on his latest thesis research on our neighbor planet. We learned about the role he played in helping determine where the the next Mars rover will (not) land; that while rivers and lakes are cool, the real possibility of finding remnants of life on Mars is in researching the subsurface; and how a trip to Iceland turned him into a planetary geologist. He told us about the marriage of sustainability and space, and how we as a human race are already on Mars.That's our boy above making contact with our extraterrestrial neighbors. Hit play and let him educate you on all things Mars. Without further ado, the totally awesome, Lee Saper!Guest: Lee SaperWhy He's Awesome: Mars ExpertAudio:

  • Tara Kane Prendergast is Totally Awesome

    Tara Kane Prendergast is Totally Awesome


    Brown Refugee Youth Tutoring and Enrichment (BRYTE) volunteer and former head coordinator and Class of 2012's commencement student orator, Tara Kane Prendergast blessed YTA's "studio" with her presence to talk about all the amazing service she has provided the community. We found about what exactly BRYTE does and about its history, got a primer on her thesis, and learned where her caring nature came from. We gave a BIG thank you to the people who had a moderately important role in helping her become who she is today--Tara's parents--and got a sneak preview of the high level topics of her commencement speech.If you're interested in joining or finding out more about BRYTE, head over to their website. It's an incredible program that Tara really helped develop throughout her time at Brown. Encourage anyone interested to check it out.That's our girl above with her girl Alice from the BRYTE program. Hit play and hope that some of her sweet, caring nature rubs off on you. Without further ad

  • Kate Doyle and are Andrew Favaloro are Totally Awesome

    Kate Doyle and are Andrew Favaloro are Totally Awesome


    Show runners Kate Doyle and Andrew Favaloro stopped by the "studio" to talk about their new show Nothing Productive. We learned about everything that goes into putting on a TV show about dysfunctional student groups and how a physics Ph.D candidate has the time to fill a hard drive with TV shows. "Disclaimer: The antics of the characters in Nothing Productive are not based on any person or people in particular."Check out Nothing Productive's pilot, which is online to view for free, and be on the lookout for episodes 2-5. That's the poster for their show. They're usually busy behind the scenes, so click play and see  them on the other side of the camera. Without further ado, the totally awesome Kate Doyle and are Andrew Favaloro!Guest: Kate Doyle and are Andrew Favaloro Why He's Awesome: TV show writer, director, executive producer, and everything elseAudio:

  • Sri Sritharan is Totally Awesome

    Sri Sritharan is Totally Awesome


    Co-captain of Brown's South Asian fusion dance team, Brown Badmaash Dance Company, Srihari (Sri) Sritharan joined YTA to talk about their upcoming show. We learned what exactly South Asian fusion dance and music is, how a failed tryout for Brown's baseball team serendipitously led to his Badmaash tryout, and how his love for all things South Asian also led to the birth of DJ Srimix. He explains how he hopes not to overextend himself in grad school (Ph.D in Neuroscience at  UPenn next year--nbd), and why it'll be a challenge.Don't miss Badmaash's upcoming show Hit the Floor this Saturday 4/28 at 7pm in Solomon 101. Tickets will be sold all week from 11-3pm in JWW or the Main Green (weather permitting) for $5. Tickets can also be bought for $7 at the door. Also, head over to his soundcloud page and check out all of his South Asian fusion mashups. He'll hit you with his dance moves and sick mixes. Click play and catch up with the totally awesome, Sri Srithar

  • Sean Lyness is Totally Awesome

    Sean Lyness is Totally Awesome


    Musical guest Flash Epic aka Sean Lyness dropped by the YTA "studio" last week. We learned how a late night subway ride led to the name Flash Epic; his why he's a Clash baby; and about his first hit, Kopfschmerz (unfortunately never recorded). He plays us a track off his upcoming album (~10:27 mark) and tells us about recording on a budget (actually in his closet).Be on the look out for his next album Tenses in May, and check out his last album Wanderlust. Also, don't miss his weekly Sunday Jam that he posts every week. He always willing and ready to play guitar and sing if you've got one on you. Hit play and catch up with the totally awesome, Sean Lyness!Guest: Remy Fernandez-O'BrienWhy He's Awesome: DJ RemyxAudio:

  • Remy Fernandez-OBrien is Totally Awesome

    Remy Fernandez-O'Brien is Totally Awesome


    DJ Remyx, Remy Fernandez-O'Brien stopped by the YTA "studio" last week to show off some of his mixing toys. We learned how to ease an audience into music you want them to listen to, about the beauty and obscurity of silent raves, and how he approaches music and DJing philosophically. He describes the funkiness of the Funk Nights that he's brought back to Brown and autotunes the Beatles with his awesome talkbox.  You don't want to miss his senior dance show Bursting at the Seams, going on Wednesday and Thursday nights. (More information on the event's Facebook page). Also, head over to DJ Remyx's YouTube channel and check out on his crazy mashups. He's got some crazy moves and is a little soft spoken, so we had to play with the audio a bit . Hit play and catch up with the totally awesome, Remy Fernandez-O'Brien!Guest: Remy Fernandez-O'BrienWhy He's Awesome: DJ RemyxAudio:

  • Tim Natividad is Totally Awesome

    Tim Natividad is Totally Awesome


    Curator of music blog Making Mondays Better (MMB), Tim Natividad, stopped by the YTA "studio" to the break down  how an email to a few friends evolved into a full-fledged website. We learned of his not-so-secret (and not embarrassing in the slightest) love for JBiebs (and his Jesus leg tattoo), about the science that lies behind his playlist curation process, and how he blesses his housemates with his renditions of the Lady Gaga's latest tracks. He explains his passion for tech and social entrepreneurship and directs some serious advice towards freshman year Tim.Head over to MMB's website to check out past playlists and to subscribe to Tim's weekly newsletter (top right). You'll be doing your ears a favor.He's always looking so fresh, so fly. The curator himself lays down some sick rhymes that you don't want to miss (~10:27 mark), so hit play and catch up with the totally awesome Tim Natividad!Guest: Tim NatividadWhy He's Awesome: Curator of music blog Ma

  • Sasha Spielberg is Totally Awesome

    Sasha Spielberg is Totally Awesome


    Singer/songwriter Sasha Spielberg stopped by the YTA "studio" to talk about life both as Sister from the band Brother/Sister and as a real sister. We learned how being born laid the groundwork for the band's formation, discussed the relative hardships (and perks) of having a cool/band-playing/older brother, and revealed her secret (no longer) love for silly campy musical tracks. She told us how Brother/Sister's tracks are "the music that would be made by two people who grew up sharing a wall" (tried her best not to misquote you, Theo) and why singing teachers don't always know best.Check out Brother/Sister's Facebook page (you'll like it so "like" it) and download their single "Opposum" off of their EP Accidental Zoo (it's free!). Also, heads up for concerts coming your way if you're lucky enough to be in LA or New York in the near future (another point for LA).An appropriately hip album cover for a hip duo. Her wonderful singing voice is only matched by her wonderful personality, so do yo

  • Dan Alexander is Totally Awesome

    Dan Alexander is Totally Awesome


    Associated Press journalist Dan Alexander dropped by the "studio" to talk about life as a budding sports journalist. We learned how a 7th grade detention and wise mother (redundant?) serendipitously led to his interest in sports writing, and why he's "willing to be hungry" for a couple years to pursue his passion for journalism. He told us about his undying love for all things Ohio State University (not hard to root for a team that manages to replace a legend like Tressel with Urban Meyer) and reveals that he still has to restrain himself from acting like a little kid in the press box when he's covering live games.Although he doesn't get the byline, sources (i.e. my gut and Dan) have confirmed that these ESPN articles were written by Mr. Alexander. Also, do yourself a favor and check out the great feature story he did for the Brown Alumni Magazine on the 1986 NCAA tournament-bound Brown basketball team.That's our boy putting in another late night at the Brown Daily Herald's 

  • David Rattner and Michael Schneider are Totally Awesome

    David Rattner and Michael Schneider are Totally Awesome


    We welcomed Undergraduate Council of Students members David Rattner and Michael Schneider to the the YTA "studios" last week to shine light into life as student government officials. David dropped some info on why, as a member of the Presidential Search Committee, he was drawn to our next president, Dr. Christina Paxson (homeboy may or may not be crushing), while Michael talked about his hand in turning Grad Center suites from this to this. (Real changes detailed here. Yes, I'm jealous of you, class of 2016.)They're both running for positions in next year's UCS (David for President and Michael for VP), so try not to get sick of those pretty faces, despite the flood of posters and Facebook profpic changes you'll inevitability be seeing. Brown students, check out their platforms (David here and  Michael here) and make sure and vote next week on MyCourses--seniors included (I didn't know either...).Note their great hair and firm handshakes. Also, the fresh flowers in

  • Steph Yin is Totally Awesome

    Steph Yin is Totally Awesome


    The ever-adventurous science writer Steph Yin stopped by the "studio" last Wednesday (4/4) to talk about life as a cheerleader of all things science. We learned about living with Sea Gypsies on stilt houses, the importance and difficulty of evangelizing science, and eureka moments that can lead science lovers away from academia. She gave a big thank you to her parents (as we all should) and encouraged fellow science lovers to look into life as a science writer. Follow her beautiful blog, Ink Chromatography, and check out some of the awesome science writers over at the Radio Lab podcast. That's our girl above tagging sharks like a boss. All in a days work. Comments? Drop them. Without further ado, the totally awesome Steph Yin!Guest: Steph YinSource of Awesomeness: Science WriterFavorite Animal: "Seahorses. Hands down. What other creature has the head of a horse, the body armor of an armadillo, the tail of a monkey, and the eyes of a reptile (they can move

  • Gillian Brassil is Totally Awesome

    Gillian Brassil is Totally Awesome


    With Spring Weekend a little more than a week away, co-head of Brown University's Concert Agency Gillian Brassil stopped by the "studio"to shed some light into the Spring-Weekend-lineup-making process. We learned how crafting the lineup involves more game theory than a dilema amongst prisoners (thanks, Topaz), what obscure item Das Racist asked for before their concert last year, and about life as a fact checker at the source of men's fashion, GQ. She explained how her love for concerts is most definitely hereditary and that music will remain a passion and not occupation in the future.   Get pumped for this year's Spring Weekend by listening to these tracks and make sure and give Gillian a big thank-you hug for all her hard work if you pass her on the street.   She's outdoorsy too (evidence above). We're rocking the stripes hard, so hit play and catch up with the totally awesome Gillian Brassil! Guest: Gillian BrassilSource of Awesomeness: Brown

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