Square Eyed

Square Eyed


This is Square Eyed with Tom and Andie; a Podcast where each week we dissect cinematic classics that we obsessed over as kids.

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  • Cadet Kelly
    Cadet Kelly
    Duração: 43min | 24/05/2016

    Listen to Tom and Andie argue once again about a childhood classic. There will be some harsh words and then an unexplained detour to a discussion of Adam Sandler's career and how he has flushed it down the toilet. Listen in! You won't regret it x

  • Three Ninjas 2: Kickback
    Three Ninjas 2: Kickback
    Duração: 16min | 06/04/2016

    Listen to the disheartened review of the second Three Ninjas movie with Tom and Andie. Trust me, you are better off listening to them before thinking it's a good idea to return to your childhood and watch this film.

  • Balto
    Duração: 24min | 07/03/2016

    Listen to Andie and Tom discuss the serious issues that Balto brings to the table and their invention of the legendary new hashtag, #moresnow

  • Three Ninjas (1)
    Three Ninjas (1)
    Duração: 36min | 08/02/2016

    Listen to Tom and Andie consider the questionable content of the childhood film, The Three Ninjas. And eat while they talk....

  • Alan Rickman Tribute
    Alan Rickman Tribute
    Duração: 26min | 17/01/2016

    Have a listen to Tom and Andie discussing the legend that was Alan Rickman and how much his passing has affected us. R.I.P. to another legend, our brains cannot take much more of this.

  • David Bowie Tribute
    David Bowie Tribute
    Duração: 26min | 11/01/2016

    Listen to Tom and Andie discuss the legendary life of the talented David Bowie and how much his loss will affect all of our lives.