Keepin It Real Foods - Your Primal Health  Nutrition Prescription By Grassfed Farmacy

Keepin' It Real Foods - Your Primal Health & Nutrition Prescription By Grassfed Farmacy


Grassfed Farmacy is your wholesome health & wellness prescription! We focus bringing our thoughts and ideas about paleo-based nutrition, mobility & movement, fitness, cooking tips and developing healthy lifestyle habits to everyone in a way that is practical, motivating, thoughtful, down-to-earth, not filled with too much science that goes over our heads...

Your hosts:
Dr. Nathan Charpentier, PharmD left his work prescribing medications at retail to pursue a career of health and wellness coaching, instead prescribing wholesome nutritional choices, daily movement and healthier lifestyle choices to people who want to make the most of their health. He is a Certified Nutrition Coach through ISSN, coaches Crossfit and weightlifting full time, and provides nutritional coaching to various clients through this start-up business Grassfed Farmacy LLC.

Snow Powers is a USAW National Level Weightlifter, Crossfit Coach, and general health and fitness enthusiast who loves learning about and explaining things in a very uncomplicated and simple manner.

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