Real Sobriety Podcast

Real Sobriety Podcast


Alcoholic and addict Robert McClellan shares recovery tips, stories, and his experiences in sobriety and addiction recovery. An oasis of reason and encouragement for anyone seeking a caring voice about recovery from addiction. Honest and open, Robert is down-to-earth, humorous, and a passionate advocate for removing the stigma of addiction. Alcoholics, addicts, anyone with an interest or investment in sobriety will find these short podcasts interesting and inspiring. A writer, filmmaker, prison nurse, and sobriety coach, Robert's website is at

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  • Is Addiction a Disease? A Choice? A Moral Failing? Who Cares?!!
    Is Addiction a Disease? A Choice? A Moral Failing? Who Cares?!!
    Duração: 10min | 14/10/2019

    Is addiction a disease? A moral failing? A choice? Who cares?!! Robert shares his thoughts on this controversial subject that often comes up in discussions of alcoholism and drug addiction.

  • Recovery, Writing and Punk Rock with Claire Rudy Foster
    Recovery, Writing and Punk Rock with Claire Rudy Foster
    Duração: 38min | 20/09/2019

    Claire Rudy Foster AKA "Foster" joins Robert. A fun, lively conversation about addiction recovery, writing and publishing, and early punk rock influences.

  • Getting Sober Without God
    Getting Sober Without God
    Duração: 40min | 20/09/2019

    Join Robert with guest Jeffrey Munn, author of Getting Sober Without God - The Practical 12 Steps to Long-Term Recovery from Alcoholism and Addiction. Jeffrey's book is leading to remarkable conversations about the Higher Power concept in 12 Step addiction recovery programs.

  • Susan Dlouhy Interview: Giving Back in Recovery
    Susan Dlouhy Interview: Giving Back in Recovery
    Duração: 25min | 14/09/2019

    Susan Dlouhy is a professional who works with the "Developmentally Different" community. Susan joins Robert McClellan in a cheerful, positive conversation about what it is like to be in successful long term addiction recovery, and what responsibilities we all have to serve others.

  • A Conversation With Recovery Coach and Author Paul Silva
    A Conversation With Recovery Coach and Author Paul Silva
    Duração: 40min | 04/09/2019

    Recovery coach, author, and professional chef Paul Silva joins Robert McClellan for an insightful conversation about addiction recovery, social media and living a happy successful life in sobriety. Paul is the author of the popular recovery book, Longing for the Spirit and an acclaimed life coach who specializes in helping people find a path to successful addiction recovery.

  • The Recovery Community and Social Media
    The Recovery Community and Social Media
    Duração: 19min | 27/08/2019

    The recovery community is present on all social media platforms from Instagram to Facebook to Twitter. When I got sober in 1989 we had much more face-to-face connection. But this is not to say that the past was better. Today, addicts and alcoholics in recovery can reach out from a smart-phone and reach thousands of others in recovery, anywhere in the world. With podcasts, blogs, and videos, people in recovery are more connected than ever.

  • Sober Biker Clubs with Documentary Filmmaker Jill Heinerth
    Sober Biker Clubs with Documentary Filmmaker Jill Heinerth
    Duração: 12min | 14/08/2019

    The Real Sobriety film was framed around a sober motorcycle club. Filmmaker and Robert's wife, Jill Heinerth shares her insight into working with and learning from hardcore sober bikers.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 101
    Real Sobriety Ep. 101
    Duração: 16min | 02/08/2019

    Lots of cool stuff happening! Real Sobriety reaches 101 episodes. Robert McClellan updates the audience with plans for the future of the podcast, books, and other creative projects.

  • One Hundred Episodes!
    One Hundred Episodes!
    Duração: 13min | 17/05/2019

    Yes, this is episode 100! Time to do a re-introduction and ponder the question: Do we ever recover from drug and alcohol addiction?

  • Relapse is Not Part of Recovery
    Relapse is Not Part of Recovery
    Duração: 05min | 01/05/2019

    Can we please stop saying relapse is a part of recovery? My friend and fellow blogger/podcaster Paul Silva over at Buzzkill Pod tweeted a very profound message about relapse. It is part of our addiction, not our recovery.

  • Real Sobriety Life in a Sober World
    Real Sobriety Life in a Sober World
    Duração: 03min | 18/03/2019

    Living in the sober world. Many of us when new to addiction recovery find it really hard to adjust to life in the sober world. It takes courage and trust to move forward.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 97
    Real Sobriety Ep. 97
    Duração: 04min | 01/02/2019

    People in addiction recovery need help and support but we are often too timid to ask for it. Robert McClellan of shares his insight in this short podcast about finding a support team, even after 29 years sober.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 96
    Real Sobriety Ep. 96
    Duração: 17min | 05/01/2019

    Our first ever guest - my wife Jill Heinerth joins me and shares what life is like as the partner of a person in addiction recovery. From our early dating days to the present - where Jill shares life with an occasionally crazy person, this is an insightful look at a couple's happy marriage with recovery playing a big role in their success. 

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 95
    Real Sobriety Ep. 95
    Duração: 06min | 05/12/2018

    Fall off the face of the earth.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 94
    Real Sobriety Ep. 94
    Duração: 03min | 19/10/2018

    Addiction recovery is not a competitive sport!

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 93
    Real Sobriety Ep. 93
    Duração: 05min | 02/10/2018

    Is Judge Brett Kavanaugh an Alcoholic?

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 92
    Real Sobriety Ep. 92
    Duração: 04min | 10/09/2018

    Overwhelmed in addiction recovery? Make time to care for yourself.

  • Real Sobriety Ep.91
    Real Sobriety Ep.91
    Duração: 04min | 28/08/2018

    Legal Cannabis and the addicted person in recovery

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 90
    Real Sobriety Ep. 90
    Duração: 10min | 12/08/2018

    Do you really need to go to addiction or alcoholism treatment? Tech issues fixed. 

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 89
    Real Sobriety Ep. 89
    Duração: 12min | 22/07/2018

    Kratom. I use it. My experience and opinions.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 88
    Real Sobriety Ep. 88
    Duração: 04min | 17/07/2018

    I may be sober, but not necessarily sane.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 87
    Real Sobriety Ep. 87
    Duração: 07min | 09/07/2018

    How to Stop Drinking. Period.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 86
    Real Sobriety Ep. 86
    Duração: 04min | 20/06/2018

    Righteous Resentments.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 85
    Real Sobriety Ep. 85
    Duração: 05min | 15/06/2018

    Addiction and Recovery in Trump's America.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 84
    Real Sobriety Ep. 84
    Duração: 04min | 12/06/2018

    Big changes, Changing everything including country.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 83
    Real Sobriety Ep. 83
    Duração: 04min | 24/04/2018

    A Sobriety Fairy Tale. Be Here Now.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 82
    Real Sobriety Ep. 82
    Duração: 05min | 10/04/2018

    Robert's Secret 2 Step Addiction Recovery Program

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 81
    Real Sobriety Ep. 81
    Duração: 05min | 31/03/2018

    Daily maintenance is a big part of working our addiction recovery program and staying sober.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 80
    Real Sobriety Ep. 80
    Duração: 04min | 21/03/2018

    Donald Trump proposes the death penalty for people who sell drugs. Bad news for the addiction recovery community.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 79
    Real Sobriety Ep. 79
    Duração: 06min | 01/03/2018

    The first time I said it out loud: I am an Alcoholic!

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 78
    Real Sobriety Ep. 78
    Duração: 10min | 20/02/2018

    Taking Oxycodone and Morphine after my surgery. Addiction recovery advice about pain management.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 77
    Real Sobriety Ep. 77
    Duração: 07min | 14/02/2018

    I'm high on opioid pain meds while I record this addiction recovery podcast about pain management.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 76
    Real Sobriety Ep. 76
    Duração: 04min | 25/01/2018

    Emotional Drunk in Long term Sobriety.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 74
    Real Sobriety Ep. 74
    Duração: 04min | 09/01/2018

    The Lost Episode: Good orderly direction in addiction recovery.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 75
    Real Sobriety Ep. 75
    Duração: 04min | 28/12/2017

    My yearly addiction recovery inventory.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 73
    Real Sobriety Ep. 73
    Duração: 03min | 11/12/2017

    Downsizing my crazy sober life.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 72
    Real Sobriety Ep. 72
    Duração: 05min | 10/11/2017

    Managing pain with Kratom for people in addiction recovery.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 71
    Real Sobriety Ep. 71
    Duração: 06min | 30/10/2017

    Kratom - an herbal analgesic pain reliever that works for me. And it is helping people get off opioids!

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 70
    Real Sobriety Ep. 70
    Duração: 04min | 17/10/2017

    One Day at a Time is a great concept that we can apply beyond our addiction recovery.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 69
    Real Sobriety Ep. 69
    Duração: 04min | 05/10/2017

    What does a person in addiction recovery do when the world seems overwhelming? Connect!

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 68
    Real Sobriety Ep. 68
    Duração: 06min | 29/09/2017

    I was wrong about "Change." The recovery "fairy tale" is indeed, just a myth. This is the 68th episode of this podcast, and I know that many times in the course of these installments, I’ve used cliches like “the courage to change” or “choosing to change.” I’m here today to admit my short coming. My late father once told me that the four most powerful words in the English language are “I may be wrong.” Well, I was. The more I learn about myself, and the close friends I admire in the recovery community, the more I realize that recovery is a whole lot more about self discovery than it is about changing who we are. My recovery is more about connection than criticism and change. When we encourage someone to change, we are telling them that they are not good enough as they are. I never want to make that mistake again. I may be wrong.  

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 67
    Real Sobriety Ep. 67
    Duração: 03min | 24/09/2017

    Not everyone can afford to go to inpatient rehab. Be the change you want to see in the addiction recovery community.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 66
    Real Sobriety Ep. 66
    Duração: 06min | 21/09/2017

    Storms, hurricanes and how my addiction recovery has helped me weather them and much more. 

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 65
    Real Sobriety Ep. 65
    Duração: 04min | 02/09/2017

    My drugging and drinking won many battles but, in the end, with the help of hundreds of people who came before me, I stumbled and staggered my way off the battlefield and toward the peaceful promises of recovery. Indeed, we must surrender in order to win. 

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 64
    Real Sobriety Ep. 64
    Duração: 05min | 28/08/2017

    Jeff Bezos save Real Sobriety. Yes, Jeff Bezos, one of the most powerful people on the planet took time to look at our situation, and he instructed his people to reinstate the sales of the Real Sobriety DVD. So, after being angry and resentful, I finally arrived at acceptance, and that is where the positive change happened. Some things are worth fighting for when they serve the greater good. 

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 63
    Real Sobriety Ep. 63
    Duração: 04min | 14/08/2017

    Removing the Stigma of Addiction. For those of us in long-term recovery, it is up to us to live happy, successful lives, and be an example of what we can accomplish. We can choose to not be stigmatized by societal biases about addiction recovery. Recorded in the parking lot at Toronto Pearson International Airport!

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 62
    Real Sobriety Ep. 62
    Duração: 09min | 06/08/2017

    My addiction recovery rant about Jeff Sessions, Kratom, and local police who refuse to administer Naloxone for overdoses. Like all good rants, it runs overtime and sounds a bit crazy.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 61
    Real Sobriety Ep. 61
    Duração: 04min | 24/07/2017

    Once an alcoholic always an alcoholic? Nope!

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 60
    Real Sobriety Ep. 60
    Duração: 04min | 13/07/2017

    The Body Snatchers. Obamacare has created an addiction recovery business monster.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 59
    Real Sobriety Ep. 59
    Duração: 04min | 21/06/2017

    How to not feel like crap in early sobriety.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 58
    Real Sobriety Ep. 58
    Duração: 04min | 01/06/2017

    Find something you love and embrace it.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 57
    Real Sobriety Ep. 57
    Duração: 04min | 10/05/2017

    The Addiction Recovery Purge. Sometimes we need to press the delete button and reset our lives.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 56
    Real Sobriety Ep. 56
    Duração: 04min | 19/04/2017

    Social media and the Internet offers people in addiction recovery 24 hour connection with fellow travelers. Reach out! 

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 55
    Real Sobriety Ep. 55
    Duração: 04min | 10/04/2017

    Newcomers vs. Oldtimers in addiction recovery and 12 Step programs.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 54
    Real Sobriety Ep. 54
    Duração: 04min | 03/04/2017

    Is recovery boring? Hardly! If you take my advice, you will never be bored in sobriety.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 53
    Real Sobriety Ep. 53
    Duração: 05min | 30/03/2017

    A Social Media pitch, and our future lives and plans as people in addiction recovery. @RealSobriety

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 52
    Real Sobriety Ep. 52
    Duração: 03min | 22/03/2017

    How do I stay sober and sane in this crazy world?

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 51
    Real Sobriety Ep. 51
    Duração: 04min | 13/03/2017

    Starting over. We in addiction recovery can always reinvent ourselves. We fall down, we get up!

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 50
    Real Sobriety Ep. 50
    Duração: 04min | 01/03/2017

    Here we are - Episode 50 of an addiction recovery podcast. Who knew? Some insight into the motivation of recovery.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 49
    Real Sobriety Ep. 49
    Duração: 04min | 14/02/2017

    12 Step study - Many of us come to the addiction recovery community by way of the 12 steps. Here's a look at Step 6, where we begin to look to our happy, successful futures.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 48
    Real Sobriety Ep. 48
    Duração: 04min | 31/01/2017

    Step Five. Where we in addiction recovery trust ourselves, our Higher Power and another person with our deepest secrets - so we may live a happy, sober life! 

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 47
    Real Sobriety Ep. 47
    Duração: 05min | 16/01/2017

    Step 4: Where a lot of people in 12 Step recovery get stuck. We have to face who we really are to get well. 

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 46
    Real Sobriety Ep. 46
    Duração: 03min | 04/01/2017

    Step 3: Whatever our concept of God or a a Higher Power -  a good starting point may be that Step 3 might do nothing more than reveal that we are not all powerful over our addictions and we need - and we seek - help and guidance on the road to recovery.   

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 45
    Real Sobriety Ep. 45
    Duração: 04min | 18/12/2016

    Step study - Power greater than ourselves. Truth and Insanity in recovery with the 12 Steps. 

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 44
    Real Sobriety Ep. 44
    Duração: 05min | 09/12/2016

    12 Step Study: Back to Basics. As much as I sometimes rail against the religiosity of A.A. the 12 Step program is probably the best thing we have going in addiction recovery.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 43
    Real Sobriety Ep. 43
    Duração: 04min | 24/11/2016

    Addiction: A Brain Disease. The U.S. Surgeon General has made a very provocative statement that addicts and alcoholics deserve better treatment.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 42
    Real Sobriety Ep. 42
    Duração: 05min | 10/11/2016

    Will religion be the undoing of Alcoholics Anonymous? Some claim A.A. can be, at times, a highly intolerant religious group.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 41
    Real Sobriety Ep. 41
    Duração: 03min | 30/10/2016

    Weed. A hot topic. We in addiction recovery, especially in A.A. are going to see lots of newcomers who legally smoke pot, but have a desire to stop drinking.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 40
    Real Sobriety Ep. 40
    Duração: 04min | 22/10/2016

    Stressful events in addiction recovery. The next few months see an election, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, a time when recovering alcoholics and addicts need to be extra vigilant about sobriety.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 39
    Real Sobriety Ep. 39
    Duração: 08min | 17/10/2016

    A Casual Update. Robert shares a bit about his life, before and after recovery, the new Real Sobriety blog, and his incredibly cool wife.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 38
    Real Sobriety Ep. 38
    Duração: 04min | 09/10/2016

    Thanks and Gratitude. I think it is important for those of us in addiction recovery to remember the things we have, the people in our lives, and the time we now can enjoy as happy, sober people. Canadian Thanksgiving!

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 37
    Real Sobriety Ep. 37
    Duração: 03min | 02/10/2016

    Where did we ever find the time to drink and drug? In our addiction recovery, we can do so many incredible things, from creating a new business or hobby, to climbing Mt. Everest. Time is now our friend.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 36
    Real Sobriety Ep. 36
    Duração: 04min | 23/09/2016

    Are 12 Step Meetings, like Alcoholics Anonymous, still relevant in the 21st Century age of smart phones and instant communication?

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 35
    Real Sobriety Ep. 35
    Duração: 03min | 17/09/2016

    Do I Have a Drinking Problem? Houston, we have a problem. That was the iconic radio message transmitted from the crippled Apollo 13 space craft back to mission control. But, we alcoholics don’t have the luxury of mission control to guide us through life. 

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 34
    Real Sobriety Ep. 34
    Duração: 05min | 07/09/2016

    If you are sitting in a dark room, considering giving up or hurting yourself - this is a message you may want to hear.  

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 33
    Real Sobriety Ep. 33
    Duração: 05min | 31/08/2016

    Drinking. After a long time sober, I found myself with a drink in my hand. Very uncomfortable. There are situations where we may find ourselves inadvertently jeopardizing our addiction recovery. 

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 32
    Real Sobriety Ep. 32
    Duração: 03min | 24/08/2016

    Honesty is the best policy - or is it? For those of us in addiction recovery, it can get tricky. Does making amends mean hurting ourselves and others?

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 31
    Real Sobriety Ep. 31
    Duração: 03min | 18/08/2016

    The Courage to change is something most of already possess, but just can't tap into. Kind of like the Cowardly Lion of the Wizard of Oz. 

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 30
    Real Sobriety Ep. 30
    Duração: 04min | 11/08/2016

    Politics and voting. What is the role of people in addiction recovery in the current 2016 Trump vs. Hillary election? Do we vote? is it too much of a distraction? Are politics too much of a trigger to remain sober and maintain sanity?

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 29
    Real Sobriety Ep. 29
    Duração: 06min | 04/08/2016

    Addiction recovery podcast with Robert McClellan of Topic: Prayer and Medication. Addicts and alcoholics need to be vigilant about using prescription medication.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 28
    Real Sobriety Ep. 28
    Duração: 06min | 27/07/2016

    Real Sobriety addiction recovery podcast with Robert McClellan. Summertime. A casual conversation about online addiction recovery resources with podcasting's favorite recovery coach. 

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 27
    Real Sobriety Ep. 27
    Duração: 03min | 21/07/2016

    Are we "Good Enough?" Even with years of addiction recovery behind us, we sometimes have those insecure moments when we ask "Is this all worth it?" Short inspirational bits of wisdom from Robert McClellan of 

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 26
    Real Sobriety Ep. 26
    Duração: 02min | 14/07/2016

    We people in addiction recovery choose one another. We Really don't know exactly how another alcoholic or addicted person feels. We can share, we can connect, but all we have is our own experiences and hopes for a clean, sober and happy future. A 3 minute podcast to help you stay clean and sober today! addiction recovery podcast with Robert McClellan, on the Since Right Now addiction recovery network. Join the Recovery Revolution!

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 25
    Real Sobriety Ep. 25
    Duração: 04min | 06/07/2016 podcast with Robert McClellan. Be Here Now. I opened the book and found dozens of short essays illustrated by someone who was obviously familiar with a vast amount of hallucinogens. The author was Ram Dass, who I later discovered was a former Harvard professor, a friend and fellow traveller with the more famous Timothy Leary. Dass’ former name was Richard Alpert, until he undertook several spiritual quest to India and the east, and he transformed from a tweed wearing, pipe smoking Harvard intellectual, to a simple follower of truth. This book sung to me. I had to buy it. I think, after the US to Canadian exchange rate was factored in, it costs me $7.95 That’s Cheap for a new philosophy on life. Be  Here  Now  

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 24
    Real Sobriety Ep. 24
    Duração: 03min | 25/06/2016

    Okay, now we are sober, in recovery. What do we do now???!

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 23
    Real Sobriety Ep. 23
    Duração: 03min | 14/06/2016

    Addiction recovery podcast with Robert McClellan of Real "Decisions."

  • Real Sobriety Ep.22
    Real Sobriety Ep.22
    Duração: 04min | 02/06/2016

    Getting into - and out of - the Recovery Zone

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 21
    Real Sobriety Ep. 21
    Duração: 04min | 24/05/2016

    A Drug is a Drug is a Drug...or is it our addiction that we hold onto, no matter the substance? 

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 20
    Real Sobriety Ep. 20
    Duração: 03min | 15/05/2016

    Real Sobriety 3 minute podcast. Robert McClellan discusses the language of recovery - suggesting we may want to consider "growth," over "recovery."

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 19
    Real Sobriety Ep. 19
    Duração: 03min | 03/05/2016

    Time; Our obsession with time in recovery.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 18
    Real Sobriety Ep. 18
    Duração: 05min | 23/04/2016

    Making Amends. Saying your sorry isn't always as easy as it seems.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 17
    Real Sobriety Ep. 17
    Duração: 04min | 13/04/2016

    Sponsorship and mentoring can be scary!

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 16
    Real Sobriety Ep. 16
    Duração: 03min | 31/03/2016
  • Real Sobriety Ep. 15
    Real Sobriety Ep. 15
    Duração: 03min | 20/03/2016

    Do we really need 12 Step meetings to get and remain sober?

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 14
    Real Sobriety Ep. 14
    Duração: 05min | 13/03/2016
  • Real Sobriety Ep. 13
    Real Sobriety Ep. 13
    Duração: 03min | 01/03/2016
  • Real Sobriety Ep. 12
    Real Sobriety Ep. 12
    Duração: 03min | 20/02/2016
  • Real Sobriety Ep. 11
    Real Sobriety Ep. 11
    Duração: 04min | 07/02/2016

    Real Sobriety Podcast with Robert McClellan of Money and Recovery, a place to start over.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 10
    Real Sobriety Ep. 10
    Duração: 05min | 31/01/2016

    Coming out. Addiction recovery. Real Sobriety Podcast with Robert McClellan. From

  • Real Sobriety Ep.09
    Real Sobriety Ep.09
    Duração: 03min | 17/01/2016

    Counting the Days. We sometimes place too much emphasis on the time we have in Sobriety. It is not a race, or a competition. Enjoy every day as a great sober experience.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 08
    Real Sobriety Ep. 08
    Duração: 02min | 03/01/2016

    You can be a super human in recovery - but you must first take care of Y-O-U.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 07
    Real Sobriety Ep. 07
    Duração: 01min | 20/12/2015

    From Robert McClellan at - You have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of about your addiction recovery!

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 06
    Real Sobriety Ep. 06
    Duração: 03min | 13/12/2015

    Real Sobriety addiction recovery podcast. Getting sober involves change - sometimes this involves changing friends and some family members.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 05
    Real Sobriety Ep. 05
    Duração: 02min | 06/12/2015

    Real Sobriety addiction recovery podcast: Inventory - Robert provides insight into the 4th Step of A.A. and most other 12 Step programs. Time to come clean, get honest, and move into the light of addiction recovery.

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 04
    Real Sobriety Ep. 04
    Duração: 04min | 29/11/2015

    Addiction recovery podcast. Real insights, real fast. The GOD thing present in most 12 Step groups. Alcoholics Anonymous saved Robert's life, but he couldn't get comfortable with the Spirituality and God premise in the groups. So, he embraced "G-O-D" Good Orderly Direction, instead. Robert talks about coming out as an alcoholic person in recovery, and how we can de-stigmatize the process. For the addict or alcoholic who needs a bit of motivation and inspiration. For more go to:  

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 03
    Real Sobriety Ep. 03
    Duração: 03min | 22/11/2015

    Addiction recovery podcast. Real insights, real fast. Being happy in recovery from addiction and alcoholism. That is the whole point - to live happy lives free of our addiction. Robert talks about coming out as an alcoholic person in recovery, and how we can de-stigmatize the process. For the addict or alcoholic who needs a bit of motivation and inspiration. For more go to:  

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 02
    Real Sobriety Ep. 02
    Duração: 04min | 22/11/2015

    Addiction recovery podcast. Real insights, real fast. Slippery places and being around alcohol and drugs. Open bars at a wedding and how the family may react to your new sobriety.Robert talks about coming out as an alcoholic person in recovery, and how we can de-stigmatize the process. For the addict or alcoholic who needs a bit of motivation and inspiration. For more go to  

  • Real Sobriety Ep. 01
    Real Sobriety Ep. 01
    Duração: 02min | 22/11/2015

    Addiction recovery podcast. Real insights, real fast. Anonymity and Stigma, the two recent hot button issues in recovery. Robert talks about coming out as an alcoholic person in recovery, and how we can de-stigmatize the process. For the addict or alcoholic who needs a bit of motivation and inspiration. For more, go to